Report: Hillary Edited Emails Before Turning Over


It is highly unlikely that the Fourth of July holiday weekend will dampen the renewed fallout from Hillary’s ongoing email scandal after this week’s release by the State Department.

In previous stories that demonstrated conflict in claims both by the White House and Hillary’s staff, another revelation today throws the entire Clinton narrative into doubt.

In the same week the media proved false Hillary’s claim to have hosted no classified material on her private server, the State Department’s release of 3,000 emails revealed that many of them did not match up with what it is the public record.

By comparing her email submissions to those obtain through subpoena from former adviser Sidney Blumenthal, two things quickly became clear.

First, his submissions included some emails not contained in Hillary’s submissions proving she withheld some her “work-related” emails.

Second, the versions of conversations in his emails versus the versions in hers demonstrated that she erased key portions, which raises the question of how many other emails were altered prior to turning them over to the State Department.

As the Wall Street Journal summed it up, “Now that we know she edited the emails before turning them over, the entire record is suspect.”