Jim Webb Announces for President, Faces Uphill Battle against Hillary

Hillary Clinton has more competition.

Former Senator from Virginia Jim Webb officially stepped into the ring in the battle for the Democrat nomination yesterday via an announcement from his newly minted website.

Webb, a former Republican and Reagan appointee, has acknowledged the uphill battle he faces against Hillary Clinton in which her 60-plus percent command in the polls pales his two percent in the RCP Average.

That standing combined with Bernie Sanders’ dozen points and Vice President Biden’s 13 points are less than half of Hillary’s haul.

Whether Webb can find a niche among Democrat voters over the next six months is highly unlikely without, as he admitted, “enough financial support”.

However, the history of the Democrat nomination process has shown more often than not that a come-from-behind candidacy is well within the realm of possibility.

Al Gore, John Kerry and Barack Obama were all middle-tier candidates at this point in the cycle, and Obama in particular turned Hillary’s expected inevitability on its head in 2008 after his strong debate performances.