Laura Ingraham Tells Curt Clawson He Could Run for President and It’s Not a Bad Idea

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham featured U.S. Representative Curt Clawson (R-FL19) as a guest on her show this morning. She is so impressed with the outsider freshman congressman that she said that he, “someone with his clarity of presentation,” could be president.

Clawson hit key notes on the topic of the Trans Pacific Partnership, telling Ingraham that Republicans should shut it down and asking “why do we leave the average workers out of this equation?” A successful former CEO of Fortune 500 company, Clawson stands out in that he sees this trade deal as a favor for big business, not what’s best for America.

But if Clawson does not bring big business interests from his executive background, he does bring an expertise in job creation. “Memo to the [TPP-supporting] WSJ, 5 million new jobs would be created if we stop Obamatrade,” he said on Ingraham’s show, going on to express astonishment that so many legislators are not thinking about what is good for the country as a whole.

Those are strong words with an outside-the-beltway tone for sure. But is Clawson, a man elected only a year ago, ready for such a campaign in an already crowded field with such a spotlight for such a job? Don’t dismiss the possibility.

Again, Clawson managed Hayes Lemmerz, a Fortune 500 company – more executive experience than most of the Republican candidates can boast. Furthermore, he is able to fund much of the campaign from his own pocket. If you’re looking for a man who exemplifies and unabashedly defends success in the free market, but actually cares about middle class job creation, Clawson is your man.

His tenure in Washington thus far has been short, but Clawson has not been shy about stepping into the spotlight. He gave the Tea Party response to the State of the Union address this year. It wasn’t his first time taking on President Obama. He did that as early as his first ad in his run for Congress – which debuted during the Super Bowl, no less.

Perhaps most surprising about Clawson is his willingness to call for unity in his victory speech, even though he had just won a grueling race in which he was attacked personally. At a time when we have an arrogant, petulant president and an increasingly crowded Republican field that could divide the Right further, a mature and uniting voice might be just what we need.

Regardless, Clawson’s clear, unique conservative perspective is something America could stand to hear a lot more of right now. Upon examination, Ingraham’s suggestion that he run for president doesn’t look so far-fetched after all.