Jeb to Formally Announce Today

“Slow and steady” progress is the new benchmark that Jeb Bush measures his campaign by, after a less than stellar track record over the last six months.

Last week marked an historic low point for the campaign when Iowa-based David Kochel was replaced by Danny Diaz. According to Miami Herald, Diaz is a “hard-charging Washington political consultant who has been advising Bush on media strategy.” David Kochel will now lead Bush’s strategy in the early primary states.

For months, Jeb’s approval in Iowa has failed to see any promise of rising against a backdrop of glowing approval Scott Walker and Marco Rubio, his two chief competitors for the lead.

In addition, Bush was once described as a juggernaut and commanded a sizable lead in national polls. He has now lost momentum and any clear advantage for the early primary.

But Jeb plans to spark change with a much-anticipated announcement from Miami Dade College. It will transform him from the ‘exploratory’ phase to part of the GOP line-up. He hopes the announcement will boost his current standing in the polls, a similar situation that Marco Rubio enjoyed two months ago.

The event will be directly followed by major stops in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina to pitch his retooled image as a conservative ‘doer’, not just a politico running around “yapping about things.”