Hillary Staff Blocked Release of Documents

A day after the private email scandal bubbled up again new details have spilled out onto the web. Former officials from the State Department who knew Clinton’s practices while she worked for the State Department have added more fuel to the fire.

An unnamed source, who worked within the core of then-Secretary Clinton’s staff, revealed to Wall Street Journal certain instances where political official personnel deliberately blocked the release of relevant documents in FOIA requests.

Among those named as chief roadblocks to such requests was Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s Chief of Staff during her tenure at the State Department. Mills, who is now an employee of the Clinton Foundation, routinely screened documents for political implications before allowing them to be released to the public the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

The source reported during the heat of debates over approval of the Keystone Pipeline, Mills insisted on seeing all documents that had been subject to a FOIA request. She then forced staff members to hold back many of them.

In one email exchange, a Hillary staff member replied on the release of documents. They said the “real action, for now, is with Cheryl’s office.” This indicated that the release of such documents ultimately depended entirely on Mills .

The revelation comes as yet another key piece of evidence in the puzzle that is quickly forming a picture of the extent to which Hillary Clinton has constructed elaborate mechanisms to hide sensitive and potentially damaging information from the public eye.