O’Malley Readies to Take on Hillary

The void created by Hillary Clinton’s absence in the national media amid the ongoing uproar over donors to the Clinton Foundation is being filled by further speculation of Martin O’Malley’s impending announcement.

The former Maryland governor has increased waves within in media over the recent weeks. This is ahead of his predicted and formidable bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

During a private call on Thursday with staffers and supporters, O’Malley promised to unveil a new website, additional fundraising events, and a “special announcement” at the end of the month, the Washington Post reports.

He has also said he is currently having conversations with family and friends about a “colossal undertaking” and hopes they will support him: “You have to allow the time to give your friends the ability to tell you whether they think you’re crazy or whether they’re on board.”

Hillary is now well below the 50% mark in nearly every poll taken within the past month and fuel is added weekly to her scandals’ fires. O’Malley’s anticipated announcement for the White House could represent the official beginning of Clinton’s inevitable end, much as Barack Obama ended her “inevitability” in 2008.