Judge Re-opens Hillary’s Emailgate

There’s little mystery to why Hillary has gone nearly silent since the official launch of her presidential bid. Virtually all news surrounding the grassroots campaign has centered on everything but the campaign in the three weeks since her launch.

As if the ongoing scandal over Clinton Foundation donors coupled with the impending testimony before the House on Benghazi were not enough, a federal judge ruled this week that Hillary’s documents maintained on her private email server should be turned over.

The court had previously dismissed a suit brought by Judicial Watch seeking to obtain documents, FoxNews Politics reported. The judge had previously said the emails “do not exist,” but arguments in the appeal pointed to traffic from Hillary’s email address to State Department colleagues whose emails certainly may still exist.

The development adds more fuel to the fire for Democrat competitors Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, and others, to gain ground in the polls in which largely show Hillary below the 50% approval mark.