Did Obama Lie About Bin Laden Raid?

Conservative circles frequently criticize President Obama for an inclination to the untrue. Rush Limbaugh even refers to him as a Prevaricator in Chief.

It does not surprise conservatives when author Seymour M. Hersh claims the Navy Seal raid on Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound was portrayed in a different manner than which it occurred. The Obama administration even originally agreed to announce bin Laden dying from a drone strike however Hersh argues it happened differently.

The construction of Obama’s rushed and discombobulated speech also demonstrates that the administration was in a great deal less control of the circumstances that originally alleged

Hersh explains the raid was not a result of a “gutsy call” by the president rather a coordinated effort authorized by the Pakistani government. He bases his report on a single source, saying this individual was a “senior intelligence official” who knew events surrounding the raid.

What’s more, Hersh also claims the administration deliberately inflated the threat of al Qaeda leading up to the raid in order to reap greater political benefit from the announcement of the decision.