U.S., Iranian Navies Play Cat and Mouse

The Pentagon is disputing a story that surfaced in the Iranian state media yesterday. It which claimed at least one U.S. Navy destroyer chased away from Yemen waters. It was in the vicinity where Iranian vessels patrolled the waters, right off the coast of Yemen.

According to Iranian media outlets, the U.S. ship came within the international five-mile distance limit, prompting the Iranian warship to issue a warning before turning in pursuit.

This incident is the latest event to the ongoing tension in the Gulf of Aden since Iranian-backed insurgents seized key outposts and the Yemeni government collapsed.CIB0050715-Navy

Experts on Iran argue the U.S. is creating more problems for itself. The Obama administration continues to gives billions of dollars in funding to the Iranian government which is being used to build its military and nuclear capabilities. This causes further destabilization of the region and complicates U.S. relations with its allies.