Republicans Split on Obamacare Replacement

The country awaits the Supreme Court decision in the suit challenging the legitimacy of federal Obamacare subsidies. Congressional Republicans have split decisions on how to best avoid the so-called ‘death spiral.’

The phrase gained attention during the ongoing arguments by the federal government. The attorneys argued an end to subsidies, regardless of legality, would cause a disastrous situation for the nation’s healthcare system.

Without a federal subsidy, Obamacare may be invalidated or collapse entirely, Real Clear Politics’ Alan Fram reports. This leaves House Republicans considering approximately five different proposals for a solution.

One proposal suggests authorization for a temporary federal health insurance subsidy. This is proposed if the Court decides to cut Obamacare subsidies. It would take effect to bridge the gap created by states which did not set up a healthcare exchange.

The justices have voiced voiced reluctance to rule against the subsidies due to the possible drastic consequences. This approach aims to appease those concerns
Other proposals focus on fulfilling Republican campaign promises, to repeal Obamacare completely. However, this strategy is likely to be unsuccessful without a veto-proof majority in Congress.