Inspector Finds Thousands of Lois Lerner Emails

The IRS targeting scandal known as Lernergate refuses to die. Controversy flamed up again this week when the Treasury Department’s Inspector General informed the Senate he had found additional emails belonging to infamous lead agent Lois Lerner.

Fox News Politics reports Senate Finance Committee members asy the IG’s office was able to recover more than 6,400 emails. These emails were recovered from backup tapes that the IRS previously reported as destroyed.

The discovery concludes a ten-month search performed by the inspector’s office. The reason for the search was to find further evidence in the on-going congressional investigation with regards to the IRS targeting conservative groups.

Next month will mark two years since Lois Lerner’s forced retirement from the IRS.  This new evidence may put her back into the spotlight or subject her to additional legal action. The effects of the evidence remains to be seen