Rove: Hillary Needs Reason to Run, Not New Image

Former Bush adviser Karl Rove has some strong words for Hillary Clinton’s soon-to-be-announced candidacy. According to insiders, Clinton’s campaign is making a shift in its approach to the Democrat nomination.

Due to both recent scandals and lack of positive exposure, Clinton’s advisors conclude that she is in need of a new image and promise to shift in a new direction. The primary focus will no longer be on the presidential election or attaining favorable voter polls.

Since leaving the State Department, Clinton has increased her unfavorability by 8%, according to recent polls. Rove reveals that Hillary’s strengths come at a price and provide openings for her challengers to attack.

While she has great strength in fundraising, this will shine more light on the recent donor scandal. In fact, this week revealed that the Clinton Foundation will be accepting a seven figure donation from the Moroccan government.

Similarly her strength of leadership, both in the Senate and Department of State also,remind voters of her association with the Obama administration, which may continue its negative reputation among voters into next year’s election.

As Rove explains, Hillary’s new image strategy aims to portray her soft skills and personable characteristics– allowing her to find aimable settings. Her adviser should worry the shift may have the opposite effect and could reveal her lack of substance.