Report: Rubio to Make Official

According to campaign officials, Sen. Marco Rubio has reserved time at the Freedom Tower in Miami for an event on April 13th that comes with no details or agenda, according to the Miami Herald. The hush-hush nature of the news has analysts speculating that it may be a presidential announcement event.

With Sen. Ted Cruz having already announced and reports that Sen. Rand Paul will announce next week, the revelation comes in the midst of a timely row of presidential dominoes which many predicted would begin to fall just after Easter.

The news comes as possible confirmation after months of speculation over whether Rubio would cave to pressure from fellow Republican Senators to pass on the White House in order to help maintain GOP control of the Senate in 2016.

Rubio’s official entrance would be the latest in the signs that the long line of contenders for the Republican nomination is showing no evidence of becoming shorter. And with Hillary Clinton’s growing list of political baggage, that line may get even longer.