Update: Hillary Used Multiple Private Email Accounts

David Brock, Clinton-appointed head of two Super PACs, is out today with a defense of Hillary’s email practices in a sort of ‘everyone does it’ plea, but it appears to be failing at pouring water on the fire of controversy.

Also out today are renewed reports on the scandal after a hacker has learned that Clinton’s hdr22@clintonemail.com is one of multiple accounts registered to the home-based email server that contained her private communications.

The report shows that at least nine other email addresses exist and that their usernames suggest there could be many more. Indications from the House committee investigating Benghazi hinted that the existence of these multiple addresses was already known is under review.

The revelations come in direct conflict with previous statements from Clinton’s camp that she only used one private email address for official business. Whether the 55,000 pages of emails turned over to the State Department came from that account or others is the subject of raised concerns.