White House Defies Court Ruling on Deportation

Just one week since a U.S. District Court judge issued an injunction on the president’s executive amnesty, the situation doesn’t look to be improving for the White House.

On CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, newly-elected Texas Governor Greg Abbott reported that since January 1 more than 20,000 illegal immigrants have streamed across the Texas border with Mexico.

Obama has claimed his executive order would stem the tide of illegal crossings. However, a recent U.S. Border Patrol email leaked to National Review Online makes clear the administration has no intention of turning away those whom it deems potential recipients of amnesty.

USBP Division Chief Kelly C. Good wrote in the internal email that “Under the Executive Action, there will be limited instances of where we will issue an NTA [Notice to Appear for immigration deportation].”

The email squares with the newest USBP training manual which directs agents to determine whether illegal aliens qualify for amnesty under the president’s directives. The news comes in direct conflict with the president’s previous comments claiming that executive amnesty would reduce the flow of illegal aliens and therefore the need for deportation.

Since the court’s decision last week, the White House has filed a letter with Judge Hanen imploring him to lift his own injunction on the policy. The letter argued that the 26 states among the coalition that brought a suit against the federal government have no legal standing.