‘Most Transparent Administration In History’ Says No to IRS Probe

In another rebuff to Congress, White House Chief Counsel W. Neil Eggleston stiff-armed Congressman Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, on his request for emails between the White House and the embattled IRS.

In his response letter to Rep. Ryan, Eggleston suggested essentially, that Congress should take the issue up with the IRS. The problem is the IRS has already given Congress its own stiff-arm by claiming that the request would require them to dig through as many as 90,000 email accounts, according to The Washington Times.

The ongoing investigation of the IRS by both the House and the Senate underscores the growing discontent with how the administration has repeatedly failed to comply with congressional and legal demands for documents after the Lois Lerner scandal.

Curiously, Eggleston continued in his letter to Ryan promising that the IRS would follow up on the committee’s request for further documentation after it has concluded its investigation of the Lois Lerner debacle. This begs the question why the White House’s chief counsel is making promises on behalf of an independent agency.