Walker Steps Up Moves Toward 2016

After a rousing performance in last weekend’s Iowa festival in which he largely put to bed concerns over a lack of charisma, Scott Walker is stepping up his efforts toward 2016.

In a move similar to that of many other prospective GOP contenders, Walker announced this week the formation of his new PAC called Our American Revival, which will allow him to begin raising large sums of money ahead of what is anticipated to be an aggressive travel schedule.

Walker’s organization is expected to fund what some have called a potential ‘dark horse’ candidacy where he could, with the right timing, spring into the top tier alongside Romney and Bush.

And if his performance in Iowa offers any insight, he is aiming at precisely that goal. During his address to the Iowa crowd, Walker wasn’t bashful about his election bonafides, “If you are not afraid to go big and bold, you can actually get results. Three times, mind you, in a state that hasn’t gone Republican for president since I was in high school more than 30 years ago. How about that?”

In the coming weeks Walker is scheduled to travel to a number of early primary states, the first of which is a stop in New Hampshire to make a push for early support. Then he will continue on to England for a trade mission where he will likely seek to establish some foreign policy credibility.

Newly-hired Walker adviser Rick Wiley, who will be leading the new PAC, indicated that the choice in the name was a clear response to President Obama’s remarks in the recent SOTU.