Obamacare Heads Back to the Supreme Court

As we reported recently, the 2016 election cycle may be all about the Supreme Court, both in terms of high profile cases and impending appointments thereto. And the fires are already being stoked for the new year.

The Supreme Court announced this week that in March it will take up the subject of Obamacare once more. The latest case under review comes from a lower Appeals Court concerning the legality of subsidies to low and middle-income purchasers of health insurance.

The suit originally brought by the state of Oklahoma charges the administration with violating the letter of its own law by offering subsidies to states that opt out of the health care exchange system.

It is easily the biggest threat to the law since the Supreme Court originally upheld the legality of Obamacare under the proviso that the law acts as a tax, despite that neither Congress nor the White House intended it to be so.