Dems in Deep Debt After Defeat

The slaughter of Senate Democrats in this election cycle, capped off by the resounding defeat of the last Democrat Senator in the South on Saturday, continues to be a millstone around the neck of the Democrat Party.

In required reporting to the Federal Election Commission, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee showed more than $20 million in debts at the conclusion of the midterms. This offers at least a little more insight into why the committee was not willing to risk more cash on Mary Landrieu’s uphill battle in Louisiana.

At least two-thirds of that $20 million was borrowed toward the end of the cycle in an effort to prevent a takeover of the Senate by Republicans, a reality that was arguably unavoidable.

A spokesman for the DSCC remained optimistic, “The DSCC outraised the NRSC last cycle by $41 million, bringing in $166.7 million for the cycle. We begin the cycle with $15 million in operations debt, $1 million less than we started the 2014 cycle with, and will have the resources we need to take back the majority in 2016.”