Will Jeb Announce for President?

With the midterm election over (except for a few recounts and one major runoff), talk and musings on elections have turned expectedly to the presidential cycle for 2016 with speculation as to who will make up the final slate of potential nominees for both parties.

Some of them are more certain than others. On the Republican side, it’s almost a certainty that Texas Gov. Rick Perry will run. And on the Democrat side, most expect Hillary Clinton to be the frontrunner.

What has attracted the most intrigue in recent weeks, however, is speculation over whether former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will choose to enter the race.

It seems he is the only among his family in recent days who has not commented on the decision. His son, recent-elected Railroad Commissioner George P. Bush, predicted that his father will ultimately choose to run.

His brother, former President George W. Bush, commented on Sunday that he believes it’s a “50-50 chance” Jeb will choose to run. According to The Hill’s A. P. Stoddard, Bush said on Tuesday:

“I heard him say he doesn’t like the idea of a political class. … The idea of ‘Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Bush’ troubles him, which speaks to his great integrity. I said, ‘Well how’s this sound: Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton?’ “

Jeb’s decision is an important one not only because his presence in the race will weigh heavily. Also, adds The Guardian’s Dan Roberts, the decision of two other potential candidates, namely Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Chris Christie, likely hinge on Bush’s decision. What’s more, the possibility that Romney may have a change of heart could also hinge on a Bush announcement. These candidates all appeal to the establishment base of the Republican party and would be “wary of competing directly with the Bush fundraising machine.”