Pelosi: Low Voter Turnout Forced Our Loss

Democrat party leaders refuse to accept that Americans do not agree with much of their political agenda. Something else must take the blame for the overwhelming defeat of the party in Tuesday’s election.

Nancy Pelosi conjured the most likely culprit in the aftermath: low voter turnout among the Democrat base.

In a call with The Hill, Pelosi remarked, “Next year has to be the year to expand the universe of people who vote. I’m concerned that eligible voters did not vote in the election this year.”

She continued, “We have the magic and the resources to have massive voter registration over the country — not just places that might benefit the Democrats. I don’t care if they vote for a Republican, just so [long as] they vote, get in the game, are counted, and people will pay attention to what their concerns are.”

The comments raised concerns that this is code for expanding the voter base through some form of amnesty in the coming months. President Obama has threatened repeatedly over the last year to use some sort of executive fiat to legalize millions of immigrants already in the country.

With the overwhelming defeat of the Democrats this week, some speculate that the pressure on the party to regularize a new wave of voters ahead of the 2016 presidential election is at its peak. Whether such action by the President will cause a split in his own party and ultimately force an exodus of more centrist Democrats opposed to amnesty remains to be seen.