Warren Puts Boots on the Ground for ‘16

The rumors of a potential presidential bid by Democrat Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren may be closer to confirmation soon with news that supporters are putting action behind her words.

A new super PAC has been formed called Ready for Warren, which is now posting job listings to hire key staff members, according to MSNBC. Positions include deputy campaign manager and state coordinators who will be positioned around the country in preparation to ‘draft Warren to run.’

Warren has officially disavowed any connection to the PAC and has said publicly that she will not run for president in 2016. However, donors have confirmed that internal conversations on being had with and among key supporters about the possibility of a bid.

Sen. Warren would have an uphill battle, should she official decide to run, in that she would likely join Hillary, Joe Biden, Pete Wilson Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and former Virginia Senator Jim Webb in a crowded field for the Democrat nomination.