15 Reasons Mitt Shouldn’t Run

Jennifer Rubin, columnist at the Washington Post and one of Mitt’s Romney’s most strident defenders in the 2012 presidential race, is waving a red flags on the notion of a third try at the White House in 2016.

Offering 15 reasons for why Romney shouldn’t run, the list reads more like a legal pleading which makes the case that another run by Mitt would be a disaster.

Among the many reasons, most hinge on the missteps and bad strategy in the 2012 cycle (lack of emphasis on the middle class, “47% voters”, “self-deportation”). Likewise, the conditions in the 2016 cycle will be very different and in ways that would not favor a Romney candidacy.

Moreover, Rubin points out that in an era in which a reformed GOP agenda and fresh faces are needed against what may be an inevitable Hillary candidacy, reaching into the past just won’t work.