Bill Clinton Boosts Hillary’s 2016

With Hillary preparing a key visit to Iowa next week, doubt over whether she will decide to make another run for president in 2016 is quickly waning.

Bill and Hil’ will make a joint appearance again at the Harkin Steak Fry, an annual Democrat fundraiser which typically draws key Democrat elected officials and candidates.

Given Bill Clinton’s ongoing popularity among Democrats — Foxnews Politics reports an NBC poll put him at 55% approval among all voters this Spring — playing the sidekick once again is seen as a positive to Hillary’s eventual bid.

“They are tied at the hip, and for the most part he will help her. Bill is very good at firing up the base. And he has the best numbers of any Democrat, including Hillary,” explained Democrat pollster Ben Tulchin.

Republican strategist David Payne agrees,

“Given how out of touch Hillary Clinton has appeared this year — complaining about how ‘broke’ she was earlier in her political career while dashing off to collect her next six-figure speaking fee — having the former president at her side can only help. I’m confident that their joint appearance is one of many more to come, especially following the midterms when the 2016 campaign comes into view.”

Barack Obama was the keynote speaker at the event in 2006, which helped play a role in his eventual primary bid in 2008.