Scott Pulls Ahead of Crist in FL

Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist is in his final push to oust Republican Governor Rick Scott in Florida, but polls show he’s failing.

In a new Tampa Bay Times poll, Gov. Scott has a healthy five-point lead over Crist with just 8 weeks to go until Florida voters head to the polls to choose their executive.

Analyst David Colburn explained though, “This is not a case in which we’ve got two gubernatorial candidates who are captivating voters by their integrity and their leadership. The voters are troubled by these candidates, and it seems to me anything can happen over the last two months.”

Though voters have a level of distrust for both candidates, it may be Crist’s party-jumping that could be his ultimate undoing. At least 53% of voters say Crist is dishonest for having changed parties when it suits his political ambition.