Breaking: Are Delegates Plotting To Steal Nomination From Trump In Cleveland?

Breaking: Are Delegates Plotting To Steal Nomination From Trump In Cleveland?

Some delegates are hoping to throw out the will of the people and deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination…

According to The Hill:

“At least 30 delegates are mounting a longshot attempt to deny Donald Trump the GOP presidential nomination on the convention floor, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The delegates hope to change party rules next month to take away delegates who are pledged to the presumptive nominee but who may not actually support him.

The attempt comes on the heels of a tough stretch for Trump, who has seen his favorability plummet and any lead over Democrat Hillary Clinton evaporate over his attacks on a Hispanic federal judge, comments this week about banning Muslims and other controversies.

By party rules, Trump has the majority of delegates bound to vote for him on the convention floor, so any successful coup would require freeing those delegates from their commitments in direct violation of party rules currently in effect.”



  1. What a bunch of cheating sore losers.
    These people better quit their sh*t. The people are done and are not going to let a killer of Americans become president!

  2. The excuse these traitors give is trumps comments about a federal judge – trumps comment related to his legal case where witness testified on behalf of trump and judge continued case anyway – the judge belonged to 3 La Razza organizations that want to take back four US states – trumps comment related to the conflict over the fense and La Razza – totally valid – establishment GOP has globalist goals like Paul Ryan – and should step aside – trump elected by We the People and our constitutional rights

  3. It would be nice if there was a practical way to give Trump the boot, but there isn’t. His nomination will be a disaster for the country whether he wins, or loses, but replacing him as the nominee would infuriate enough of his supporters to guarantee his replacement couldn’t win. Unless he withdraws, or drops dead before the election, we’re stuck with this lying, ignorant con-man.

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