When it comes to Mexicans…

When it comes to Mexicans…

The Briefing, Vol. IV, Issue 23-

This week:

  • Trump train’s first derailment
  • What is he trying to do?
  • How politicians react to situations requiring courage

President 2016

Trump’s erratic behavior: The week before last, Hillary Clinton’s weaknesses came to the forefront as her email scandal took another turn. But this week was all about Donald Trump, and it seems he’s getting the worse end of it.

This of course comes with the caveat that Trump has, in many instances during this campaign, turned what would seem like awful news and bad exposure for any other candidate in to something positive.

Over the course of the week, Trump escalated his disparagement of Gonzalo Curiel, the federal judge overseeing his fraud trial over Trump University. It’s not just that he’s Mexican (actually of Mexican descent, born in northwest Indiana), and that he’s unfair, but Trump asserted in a Thursday interview with the Wall Street Journal that is unfair because he is Mexican.

The day after that, he was interviewed about this on CNN.

“He’s a Mexican, Trump said. “We’re building a wall between here and Mexico….I’m trying to keep business out of Mexico.” When CNN’s Jake Tapper objected that the judge is American and “not from Mexico,” Trump doubled down on the idea that his “Mexican heritage” was the reason Curiel had made rulings against him. “I think that’s why he’s doing it,” he said.

Tapper finally put it this way: “If you are saying he cannot do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism?”

“No, I don’t think so at all,” Trump said.

Trump’s supporters have offered the excuse that Trump really meant to discuss Judge Curiel’s membership in the Latino Bar Association of California. The legal society happens to share “La Raza” in its official name, but is different from the political activist group that has attacked Trump.

But Trump didn’t dwell on the legal society. He quite literally said, and repeated, that the judge cannot be fair to him because he’s “Mexican” and Trump wants to build a wall on the border of Mexico. There’s really no other way to read it. This is the sort of “dual loyalties” charge that was leveled against Catholics a century ago, and is commonly leveled at Jews who have been in the U.S. for generations.

What is Trump up to with all this? Maybe it’s a mistake to assume he’s up to anything. This sort of thing doesn’t seem very helpful to his legal cause, let alone any political cause.

One interpretation, for which there is ample grounding, is that Trump just shot from the hip when he first said this to the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, and is just too plain stubborn to admit when he’s made a mistake. Remember — he said he’s never even asked God for forgiveness. Throughout this entire campaign, Trump expressed regret for his actions only once (for the way he handled the controversy between campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields). And his strategy of never admitting error has unquestionably borne a lot of fruit for him. Backing down is a sign of weakness. No one can shame the shameless man.

Another interpretation is the one that more people seem to subscribe to: that Trump is signaling to the Alt-Right base he has cultivated throughout this campaign. After all, his candidacy really only took off when he asserted that Mexican immigrants to the U.S. were “doing the raping,” and then doubled down on the claim. Later, in a television interview, he acted like he’d never heard of David Duke (who had just encouraged his supporters to back and help Trump). Now Trump says that Mexican judges (and Muslims, he added Sunday) will not treat him fairly, implying of course that judges who belong to such demographic groups are inherently unfit to serve.

This could be true, but it might also be overestimating the deliberation that goes into Trump’s decisions generally. Even people who find Trump odious have to ask themselves: Is it really possible that he thought this through to that extent? And what precise benefit does he expect along those lines, given that this crowd is not large and its support was never in doubt?

A third interpretation — not at all incompatible with the above — is that Trump thinks he’s going to lose the fraud case. He is therefore trying to make the judge an issue in advance, so that when the result comes down it will have been conveniently delegitimized.

And here’s another possibility: Trump has a proven (and successful) habit of covering up bad news for his campaign by doing something outrageous that distracts attention from whatever the bad news is. In this case, the bad news comprises the fraud trial itself and the newly public information that has been filed with the court. The playbooks and testimony in the fraud case hint strongly that Trump University, whether it was legal or not, was a very shady enterprise, resembling a hard-sell timeshare operation more than any kind of educational institution. Because of Trump’s denunciations of the judge, the headlines about this have taken a bit of a back seat to the ones

Two problems with this: One, for obvious reasons, federal judges do not step aside when a litigant begins disparaging them this way. (If they did, then it would become a method of judge shopping.)

Second, most voters at every point in the ideological spectrum will not take kindly to this kind of naked appeal to racism — because that’s what it is, even if Trump doesn’t intend it that way. He already has a lot of Republicans holding their noses to vote for him, to say nothing of any potential effort to win Hispanic voters. From both a legal and political perspective, it’s baffling.

A question of courage: From a grand political perspective, the consequences of this sort of thing could become dramatic. The potential political damage is immense, especially for lawmakers (like Speaker Paul Ryan) who chose an especially bad moment to give in and support Trump.

It basically justifies every fear that Republicans had about Trump, that something was off about him, before he’d won the primary.

Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and even Newt Gingrich jumped in with obligatory criticisms, only to have Trump triple down on his statement in a Sunday interview and add that he thought probably a Muslim judge wouldn’t be capable of fairness to him, either.

It’s a reminder that all Republican candidates will be forced to answer for Trump. They can come out against him, they can criticize him, they can defend him, but in every case it’s probably a no-win situation. The next round of polls, likely to come after Clinton has finished the primary season a victor, could bring a rather brutal reminder of how everyone expected a Trump-Clinton race to begin.

Until recently, a lot of courage was required by those who explicitly rejected Trump, refusing to support the party nominee. They faced the wrath of the full establishment. Not to sound cynical, but few people behave courageously, and this is why there are few Republicans who have done so.

But that equation could conceivably change, and quickly. Although we may not be there yet, there does exist a tipping point at which it suddenly requires more courage to remain with Trump in spite of what’s coming out of his mouth, than it does to flip over and disown him. At that point, most politicians can be counted on to bail out — because, again, courage.

There does exist a pain threshold for GOP leaders, and it gets lower as the chances of a Trump victory decrease. At some point, it becomes more expedient for the McConnells and Ryans of the world to rescind their endorsements and bail off the Trump Train, for fear of much larger Republican losses than are currently expected.

Trump-by-proxy? One additional note about Trump: On Tuesday, Rep. Renee Ellmers, R-N.C., who backed Trump and now has his endorsement, squares off in a primary against fellow incumbent Rep. George Holding, R-N.C. The matchup was made necessary by a court-ordered round of redistricting.

Recall that in 2014, Ellmers was viewed as a squish on “amnesty” and had to turn back an anti-immigration primary challenger, so that issue seems to have come full circle.

Conservative and pro-life groups are backing Holding, who should be favored to win in what will surely be a low-turnout affair. If he does, it’s a sign that Trump’s voters (much like Obama’s) don’t necessarily make a habit of voting if it isn’t for Trump.

If Ellmers pulls it out, it’s a sign that Trump has gotten a lot deeper into the GOP primary voter’s psyche than anyone seems to think so far.

End of the road? Tuesday marks the end of the presidential primary season, at which point our focus will shift to other races. The Republican race is obviously over. The expectation is that Hillary Clinton will easily win in New Jersey. California could go either way. Despite the fact that he has no chance of overtaking her, Bernie Sanders probably needs a win in California to justify any further Quixotic resistance to Clinton’s nomination.

It’s important for Clinton that she put this one to bed, and if she fails she’s in for another month and a half of minor intraparty annoyances. If Trump somehow emerges from his latest controversy surprisingly unscathed (it’s happened before), she will want to make sure the party begins unifying behind her as soon as possible.



  1. I thought the main objection Trump had to the Judge was because he was a blatant Hillary supporter. had donated a large sum to her campaign, and therefore could not be unbiased. I find it interesting that you do not even mention that in this story. Are you really conservative, or are you so far right you hope Trump loses to Hillary?

    • It wasn’t the organization that contributed to Hilary’s campaign. The law firm the judge appointed had paid Hilary $450K for two speeches. It’s senior partner gave $2700 to Hilary’s campaign. The law firm works with immigration clients. The La Raza Attorneys organization’s website lists attorneys including this one for immigration representation.
      Trump went at this from the wrong direction and really should allow his attorneys to handle this.

      • La Raza organization is a nest of communists America’s haters. If this judge is part of it, Trump is super right. They will try hard to destroy him.

    • joleenworden First of all where did you get your information from and did you fact check it / 2nd. then he could not have a woman judge because he insults lots of them , he could not have black Americans because he insults them, he could not have a woman judge because he insults them , he could not have an Asian or Chinese American judge because he is going to raise the tariff on them. Then who would he accept ? He is upset because if he looses this civil case there is a criminal case in Calif also for Trump university ? Wake up stupid.

      • Well he could get a white judge. Mexican Americans are 100% of the times more Mexican than American, don’t argue, that is a fact. And in retrospect thi is still a white country with a white majority, because it was founded by White People like the rest of the Western World. That is reality. Don’t like it? Just put some SUGAR.

    • joleenworden,
      The only thing I heard was Trump’s comments about him “being Mexican.” I heard nothing about Trump saying he was a “blatant Hillary supporter. had donated a large sum to her campaign. Regardless, I find is comments abhorrent.

  2. For the most part Trump is not relying on hispanic bote

    It is the new black vote for Democrats… Both groups easy to con

    Thejudge is a Hillary supporter so no surprises here

  3. Watching the GOP try to reduce Trump’s toxicity is like watching that video of the chimpanzee with a machine gun. So delightful to see the ideology of selfish hate pulled down by its own stupidity.

    • Yeah, I’m so glad that Hillary isn’t “toxic”. When she can’t even soundly defeat and put Bernie Sanders, (an admitted and avowed socialist), away in a primary season, that doesn’t say much about her ability to take on Donald Trump.

      But hey, I guess all of Hillary’s stellar political accomplishments will speak for themselves and obviate any of her shortcomings …by the way, can you remind me of what those political accomplishments were again, I can’t seem to remember any of them.

  4. Well, that does it! Finally, the end of Trump!
    That makes 3,945 times he has blown up. Can’t wait for the next one.
    Long live President Trump!!!

    • That’s 3,945 times that the the idiot pundits and talking heads have been proven wrong about Trumps political demise. But then again, we’re talking about people who can’t see past their own Washington DC, inside the Beltway nose.

  5. Mr. Trump
    Keep do what you think good for the people and the great country you love no matter what the political correctness from others. The country and good people really need you. They see your true love, not political correctness!
    God bless you, God bless America!

    • Freedomlover Yea love the Nazi . that is what his speeches are an continuation of the Nazi nut cases . Study his speeches and his expressions and you will hear and see another one that wants to rule the country with an iron fist in other words another Hitler. yea you love him even though all he proclaims is hate, God is not going to bless him but the devil cannot wait to get him.

      • Where did you come from? If you around this government you will se how destructive have been for America and Americans. Do you want more of the same. The National debt, the Islamization of our children, the country divided along race lines, the morals in existent, Christianity persecuted. Do you like it as it is? Elect Hillary and it will be worse. God save us.

      • No matter what you said, Trump has great family, successful businessman that every young American should look up to. He and his family member didn’t has a big bag of scandals that disgraces the American culture, the value of American. He can point straightly, directly to the problems the country need to fix without fear. He has nothing to fear for. He has straight talk, no political demagogy, no political correctness. His word is not polished but it is from his heart, easy to for good people to see, to deny or to accept not like other politicians saying one thing and doing another things that makes good people sick and tired and no longer tolerant.
        I have a lot of good Mexican friends, they love their homeland and they want to solve the chaos in those cities along the Mexico border, to improve the society and to keep their love ones safe and secure and to bring peaceful living to them. They love Trump’s solution, WALL and BEAUTIFUL GATE. That solution is not only good for economy, security but also a morality!
        What is your idea? “Break all barriers!” to damage every thing – even human life! May be you call that is love! Good for you. You have the right to think and say so but other not.
        God bless good people, God bless Trump!

      • I have clear mind,no hatred, not ingrained or mind set by any body. Yes I am very smart and independent!
        I see thru things, I see thru Trump, see thru Clinton and I see thru your mind too.
        God bless America, God bless Trump.
        God help you.

  6. I heard the judge is also giving free college to illegals but you will never hear that on
    Driveby media which includes Fox these days so you know he’s not keen on a wall either.
    Really prayer is the only hope we have for Trump to turn this around and make our country great again.

  7. The judge has an obvious conflict of interest because of his La Raza ties and Clinton donations. He needs to recuse himself.

  8. Trump is absolutely correct in his position. The judge has an obvious conflict of interest, and also a well documented political bias against the positions which Trump supports. As such, Trump has every right to protest that his case is assigned to a judge who may well not give an unbiased judgement.

    Now, that doesn’t mean that Trump won’t get a fair hearing, but the evidence is certainly there to suggest that the conflict of interest which this judge clearly has, may influence his decision.

    Yeah, I know it’s shocking to think that a liberal judge who supports Hillary Clinton might have it in for Donald Trump. Whoda thunk it? Well, I mean besides Donald Trump himself, of course.

      • Look Skippy, I don’t care if you call me names. Just get in line, take a number and wait your turn like everyone else. Here, your number is 982342085112410.

        Now serving number 7. Now serving nuuuumber 7!

        I’ll try and get my mom to hurry up with her turn so we can move on to number 8, my dad has been waiting quite a while and my little sister is getting tired of waiting too.

        In the meantime, ya might wanna grab a chair and a magazine. Looks like it might be a while. Oh, and there’s bottled water in the cooler too. Help yourself. No charge.

        By the way, your number was assigned according to the relevance of your comment. Have a nice day Skippy.

      • Just a few words of public service. TROLL ALERT – TROLL ALERT
        Go slither off to another site. I know you get off at your keyboard so wipe yourself off and leave. Don’t bother to reply as I’m gone from here.

    • i agee with the US LAW that allows for those who break our immigration laws to be sent back home. The dance around this law by the Democrats and Republicans is dispicable. We had amnesty for illegal immigrants approximately 20 years ago. The responsibility for the problem we face now falls squarely on our elected officials in Washington failing to allocate the appropriate resources to prevent individuals from entering our country illegally. The policy of WET FOOT DRY FOOT, basically says that if you snuck in and you were not caught offshore, you can stay. This only applies to one ethnic group.

      Illegal entry to our county has become particularly important given the threats of terrorism we currently face. It’s not that I’m against immigrants who enter the US LEGALLY, it’s the illegal immigration that I’m against. The following are politically incorrect facts in today’s society:

      Millions of Mexicans illegally entered the US

      The judge’s ethnicity may call into question whether justice was served if rulings by the the judge go against Trump. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THOSE WHO REQUIRED TO BE IMPARTIAL TO AVOID THE APPEARANCE OF BIAS. It would be much easier to believe in the impartiality of a judge who was not a member of an ethnic group that so blatantly violated our immigration laws.

      I’m not saying the judge doesn’t have the integrity to render an unbiased court proceeding, on someone who seeks to disrupt the lives of many of his countrymen currently living here illegally, but the question could be raised.

      For those of you that are outraged by this perspective, where was your outrage when Justice Sotomeyer was being vetted for the US Supreme Court AND SHE CLAIMED. THAT HER ETHNICITY WOULD MAKE HER A BETTER SUPREME COURT JUSTICE. You just can’t have your cake and eat it too, although it doesn’t stop many from trying.

      • Great post. I agree completely. My screen name is actually a direct reflection of your comment. I left the Republican party over a decade ago, when they attempted to shove amnesty down our throats again. They are bought and paid for by the factions….landscaping, construction, restaurant, hotels, etc….who want the cheap labor, and care nothing about what the law says.

        If it was just about cheap labor, that would be one thing, but the reality is that the unintended consequences of the refusal of the politician to enforce the laws and secure the borders has resulted in many American citizens being killed.

        The fact that the politicians would not secure the borders, even after 911, shows who really owns them, and how little respect they have for our nation. As such, I have not voted for a single incumbent at the state or national level in over a decade now. Perhaps I will find an incumbent one day whom I feel is worthy of my vote, but I haven’t seen one in the last 10 years or so.

  9. The judge was also active in awarding an ILLEGAL Mexican in getting a scholarship to a law school in the USA, thereby, eliminating an American or a legal immigrant that opportunity.
    Any wonder Trump doesn’t trust Curiel ? Not from where I am sitting !

  10. How many Americans know the Judge Trump took issue with is a member of La Raza whose charter seeks to return the Southwest to Mexico. Trump may have a point. And how many Liberal pundits know this or just don’t care. Can someone ask the Judge why he’s a member of La Raza which is anti-American?

    • siggyski You have the facts all wrong, you had better fact check your information. There are all types of organizations for everyone in this country , There are Italian , Polish , Jewish, German , Hispanic and Asian , so anyone that belongs to any organization of their heritage would be struck from the list Oh ! there are also woman organizations I guess you can ban them to. You are a freaking idiot with your naive statement.

    • Because as I wrote before, Mexican/American are more Mexican than American. They hate the fact that the South West is part of the US and not Mexico. And at the end if it would belong to Mexico it would be dessert. Stupids

  11. Mr Trump has a great heart, he love this great country and good even bad people, he doesn’t care any damned political correctness that’ll ruin the country and our life.
    THE WALL with the WELCOME GATE is the best solution that BENEFITS BOTH COUNTRIES AND PEOPLE OF BOTH SIDES – NOT ONLY AMERICAN, that the politicians have no courage to do it. It is the corner stone of the best legitimate and healthy relationship of both countries! The wall will help Mexican to rebuild their cities along the border that damaged by the open border !
    God bless Trump, God bless America!

  12. The author neglects to mention that this “judge” is a member of “LaRaza”
    (The RACE), a subversive, racist separatist group. Refusing to accept
    being railroaded by leftist subversives like Gonzalo Curiel who are being funded
    by NWO Rothschild-cartel globalist schemers is just plain common sense on Trump’s part.

    Looks to me like Feddoso and “Conservaitve Intel” are not really very “Conservative”….. or “Intel” either.

    • Has anyone actually read this article? written in a conservative newsletter, that stated it was NOT the same La Raza?

      BTW, speaking of which, does anyone here actually know Donald in person? As in dined with him, dealt with him in business? Meaning, do any of the typical non-wasp rich, or NY real estate rich of other origins, really think that Donald has anything in common with you? Do you really think he would want to come to your 2,000 sq.ft. homes on a 8,000 sq.ft. plot to have a BBQ this summer? Or, would all be looked at as his minions and potential employees?

      Incredibly absurd to think that Mitt Romney, who, is actually a good person, extremely charitable in his contributions, and quite smart and self-made, got ripped apart because he was worth a few hundred million dollars. Here we have a pompous braggart who quotes his worth as more than double what it is and all the little people just eat it up and adore him.

      This is not what Republicans stand for; this is not what Reagan stood for.

  13. Trump has the courage to speak his mind with no political correctness which had worked till today to inhibit the spirit of the conservative Republicans. It is the best time for WE THE PEOPLE to support Trump for his honesty and integrity and follow his common sense and not the outdated reflection of the Establishment. Trump is right. This judge has been chosen by Obama. He is an American born in this country but he follows Obama’s agenda against the long time native Americans. He could not be fair with Trump who fights to protect the country he loves, against all the invaders by building the Mexican wall. This judge will help Obama and Hillary to denigrate and beat Trump the only one who deserves to be our President. The same objection will be of the choice of an American Muslim to be judge. It is not a prejudice. It is common sense not to put an other religion above our Judeo-Christian faith and take the risk of talking about the sharia law. Muslims living here have the right to follow their faith peacefully but no right to interfere in our God’s loving faith. It is COMMON SENSE, not anti-Semitism or anti-Muslims or racism. America is a great and welcomed country only for legal immigrants who accept the LAW OF THE LAND.

    • Jeff Buehner You must be crazy or just plain stupid and ignorant to any true facts about this nut case. Wake up .

  14. What he didn’t say in this interview, but is made available in another article, is that this judge is more pro mexico, than pro American. In fact he is supportive of la raza. How can Trump get a fair ruling when he’s said he’s going to build a wall between America and mexico, when the judge supports la raza? You know who la raza is don’t you? They want all of the southern states returned to mexican control, and all us whitey’s out. So please keep your biased articles to your self.

  15. United States District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the man presiding over the class-action lawsuit against Trump University, is a member of the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego and oversaw the gift of a law school scholarship to an illegal alien.
    dailycaller. com/2016/06/01/judge-presiding-over-trump-university-case-is-member-of-la-raza-lawyers-group/

    In his 2011 judicial questionnaire to become a federal judge, Curiel revealed his history with La Raza. GotNews. com originally reported this Tuesday, and The Daily Caller has independently
    Curiel lists “La Raza Lawyers of San Diego” as a legal association he has been a part of in the questionnaire. Curiel’s office at the United States District Court for the Southern District of
    California confirmed to The DC the judge’s membership in the group.

    • Brother Flood La -Raza- lawyers group is not a political affiliation it is a group just like Italian organizations and Irish,,and Jewish,and Polish and African American and German and a lot of woman groups , so who would you want as a judge. You are a freaking idiot with your stupid analysis .

  16. Leftist-revolutionary progtards, like Who’sInsane Obama and Hillary Klintoon, are constantly telling and reassuring minorities that judges, police officers, courts, and jury’s are “biased” against people them so, what has changed??

    Why is Trumps accusation that a federal judge is biased so suddenly not believable?

  17. Listen….I bleed RED, WHITE, and BLUE. I’m a total TRUMP fan, but he is going to need additional votes to become president. He’s got to lighten up on trashing the GOP. Fuck Mexico and Fuck the Muslims. OK…Fuck all the pussy shit liberals, too, and fuck obama and hillary. BUT someone has to reign him in. We need votes. There are too many fucked up people in AMERICA who have shit between their ears and will vote with their vagina.

  18. If Trump continues along this path, I will have to conclude that he does not really want the presidency and is colluding with Hillary Clinton to make sure that she wins.

    One of the big reasons that Trump has received support is because he promised to return to the rule of law and to respect and uphold the separation of powers instead with his statements he is walking all over them.

    Donald Trump is not a dumb man. He could not have achieved what he has financially if he were. He knows that by attacking this judge even Americans of Mexican descent who agreed with his stand on immigration will now turn away. His statements will also hurt him with Afro-Americans. That is a real shame because he was making inroads not only with the professionals but also the rank and file especially those who have seen how Obama’s programs have hurt them.

    By acting this way, Trump is presenting voters with a choice between two sides of the same coin: either a “Democrat” who has said she will continue Obama’s approach to the presidency and a “Republican” who claims he will defy the law in order to rectify the actions of Obama. In short the choice would be between a “Democrat” Obama and a “Republican Obama”.

    The Democrats will be out in force and in fraud. The Republicans who will be so disenchanted by November that they will stay home in droves.

    Trunp was the last “best” hope for this country. If he continues as he is doing, he is going to lose and he will take the nation down with him.

    Has anybody noticed that neither candidate is speaking about the issues and are only slinging mud at each other? The political campaign resembles a street brawi.

    Homeland Security is going to the border and picking up illegals crossing the border and then transporting them into US cities without even going through the pretense of processing them. Middle Easterners are crossing the border but Obama is playing catch and release with them too saying that they are “Asylum Seekers.” That is the lie being told in spite of the fact that some of those crossers have ties to the Taliban

    Isis has promised to attack the US this month in celebration of Ramadan and encouraging their plants in the US to make attacks to complement the large ones being planned. Why hasn’t Trump said anything about those things.?

  19. Conservative Intel sorta reeks of moderation and half – hearted Conservatism. It appears they will willingly elect Clinton because they feel they can’t be part of the election of Donald Trump as the Republican Nominee. I have Absolutely NO respect for such people and their protests about standing on some type of principle in doing so.

    Trump is 100% Correct to suspect this Judge is operating out of his racial heritage. That is probably why this Judge belongs to an organization , The Hispanic Lawyers Association – who have called on all their members to Boycott all of Trump’s businesses.

    The media should ask this Judge if he is going to honor his commitment to Boycott Trump’s businesses.

    An analogous situation would be a Judge who was a member of a group like the “White Lawyers Association” that had advised All of it’s membership to Boycott Obama because he is a racial panderer and exploiter who always takes the side of Blacks & castigates the Police as racists.

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