Must See: Top 12 Violent Moments From Thugs At Trump Rally In...

Must See: Top 12 Violent Moments From Thugs At Trump Rally In San Jose

Trump Rally In San Jose, California (ABC News)

The Trump rally in San Jose Thursday was a sickening display from the far-left…

Check out the top 12 moments from the rally HERE




  1. I was run out of Illinois by top level Clinton supporters. My Chicago area family members are all in banking, real estate, accounting, construction, and insurance and they have a criminal record the size of phone book. In 1993 they were thrown into a homicidal rage by me allegedly being part of a right wing plot to take over the government and economy and kill off seniors and minorities by voting Republican taking away their food, housing and medical, being part of a plot by males to prevent women from having construction careers and plotting against my stepfather and father to “show them up” and acquire more wealth than them at an early age by being a cheater without any children to support.

    They demanded I pay my mother $50,000 restitution for disfiguring her in childbirth and transfer my construction company to her, sign affidavits stating that she had funded and run my company and learn public speaking so I could give public speeches about her “success” story since my unwanted childbirth prevented her from being successful.

    I refused and she began threatening my stepfather an communist insurance industry millionaire and further looting his estate and he switched sides and asked me to give up early retirement when I was 30 years old and stay in Illinois to protect him and his estate. I agreed and built a residence a few miles away but unfortunately just a mile away from several of my fathers Illinois residences. My father then demanded I sign over my estate to a family trust because he claims I built it to humiliate him with a better residence than him and destroy my sisters life with jealousy because she had fried her brains on drugs and could now only work in the mortgage industry that hired drug addicts to stay up all night and write bad loans to get drug money as appeasement I had allowed my sister to write the loan and my father to select the residence next to a top level Clinton supporter. My sister had the bridge loan switched to
    juice loan to strip my equity and my family network had all the local contractors steal from me and even used my stolen money to open a building supply store right on Main street to mock me.

    I refused to transfer my assets after a massive public campaign against me and having tens of thousands stolen and all my contracts revoked and the family had Ameriquest mortgage transfer my estate to a bank of America family trust.

    As soon as I went to court and tried to collect public records the police, judges and county officials launched a massive war against me and many people tried to fist fight me and wrecking my vehicles, one one judge when he saw a picture of my residence I had designed and built became red and started violently shaking uncontrollably and tried to jump over the bench and punch me and then violently scribbled shingles over the handmade imported Germa copper roof and held the picture up to the courtroom and screamed see he has shingles on his home just like I do and threatened the courtroom no one better say anything about what they saw.

    All the police were enraged about me having a better home than them and said I did not deserve it and camped in front of my residence 24/7 followed me around everywhere threatening, harassing and intimidating me, falsely arresting me over and over again and demanding I leave Illinois and never come back.

    I have had tow murder attempts, denied a passport on false charges of fake birth certificate and permanently stripped of traveling “privileges”

    To make matters far worse so called Christians and Republicans fought me the hardest and mocked me and called me a liar 100 out of 100 so called Christians looked straight at my forged loan docs and claimed they clearly saw my signature pointing to a clearly blank space, and the leader of our police ministry where Bill Hybels was Bill Clintons spiritual advisor falsely arrested me also and threaten me to leave Illinois and never come back the Republican party has been paid off by the same banking crooks as well Goldman, Ameriquest and the rest of the crooks are top donors on both sides of the aisle and Ameriquest employees directly ran John McCains Presidential campaign and tons of so called Christians overtly lied and called mortgage fraud victims deadbeats and druggies.

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