Breaking: HORRIBLE News For Obamacare Causes Controversy, Costs Going Up Nationwide

Breaking: HORRIBLE News For Obamacare Causes Controversy, Costs Going Up Nationwide

Heaalthcare costs are going up after yet another company is dropping Obamacare…

According to reports:

“UnitedHealth Group is leaving California’s insurance exchange at the end of this year, state officials confirmed Tuesday.

The nation’s largest health insurer announced in April it was dropping out of all but a handful of 34 health insurance marketplaces it participated in. But the company had not discussed its plans in California.

UnitedHealth’s pullout also affects individual policies sold outside the Covered California exchange, which will remain in effect until the end of December.

“United is pulling out of California’s individual market including Covered California in 2017,” said Amy Palmer, a spokeswoman for the state exchange.

It’s expected that UnitedHealth will continue offering coverage to employers in California and to government workers and their families through the California Public Employees’ Retirement System.

Representatives of UnitedHealth didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday. In April, UnitedHealth’s Chief Executive Stephen Hemsley said the company was unwilling to keep losing money on the exchange business overall.”



  1. people don’t understand–obama never cared about the cost—he planned on the taxpayers to pay through the nose for this—but expected the costs to jump AFTER he left office
    why do you think Syrian refugees get 7 years of social security–to bust it
    why illegal aliens get the benefits they get—to cost the workers to pay more in taxes
    why do you think the democrats want to keep hiring more & more workers—to put a bigger tax burden on the American workers outside of big government
    why do you think he keeps making treaties with other countries that put us at a disadvantage?
    to cause more of our jobs to leave our country, making more Americans work at the minimum wage
    why do you think he allows American companies to hire foreigners to replace American, who work cheaper
    because he learned to hate our country while he was a child in Kenya
    did they get that much of that 9 trillion we borrowed for your children to be stuck with the bills?
    in just 8 years–a record never to be equaled again—unless crooked, lying hillery gets in

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