AWESOME: Trump Car In Front Of White House Causes Controversy

AWESOME: Trump Car In Front Of White House Causes Controversy

A Donald Trump inspired car made quite a splash in front of the White House this weekend…

According to The Hill:

“A Donald Trump-themed Lamborghini was parked outside the White House this weekend, according to The Daily Caller.

YouTube user SpeedRacer38 posted video of himself driving his friend’s Aventador through downtown D.C. and parking near the White House.
At one point in the six minute video, Secret Service pulls up behind the Lamborghini Aventador.

“They were really, really nice to me,” the man says. “They just wanted to come take a look at who I was and what’s going on, because, especially being in front of the White House with Donald Trump plastered on the front of the car, I can see why they’d be questioning what’s going on.”

According to the man in the video, the car is in town for a goldRush Rally, an “automotive lifestyle rally” that’s coming to D.C. this year.”



  1. Get used to it – Preview of what’s to come.. Next will be a moving van ha ha

  2. Serve Obama and all his muzzies and converts to islam with an eviction notice, along with deportation orders and revocation of their American citizenship for those who claim US citizenship.

  3. I’ll believe Obama is going to leave when I see it!!! I have this gut fear that he will find SOME way to block either the elections OR the January 20 2017 turnover. I fear he has absolutely no intention of leaving. After all, Congress has done nothing in almost 8 years to stop his appropriation of power – why would they change in November or January – just because the American public wants them to???

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