You Won’t Believe What Elizabeth Warren Said About Trump

You Won’t Believe What Elizabeth Warren Said About Trump

Elizabeth Warren trashed Donald Trump in a heated tirade recently.

According to The Hill:

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) tore into Donald Trump on Wednesday, upping her fiery rhetoric against the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

“We get it, @realDonaldTrump: When a woman stands up to you, you’re going to call her a basket case. Hormonal. Ugly,” Warren tweeted.

 “Do you think you’re going to shut us up, @realDonaldTrump?” she asked in another tweet, one of several. “Think again. It’s time to answer for your dangerous ideas.”
“Your policies are dangerous. Your words are reckless. Your record is embarrassing. And your free ride is over.”


  1. Free ride— are you not a teacher that got security because of an out and out LIE?????????
    That would be a FRee ride

  2. Clinton and Warren are the masters (#1 and #2) in the lying category not to mention the disgusting category!!! They are neck and neck and I only hope HRC picks the “indian queen” as her running mate because that will certainly seal her fate.

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