Breaking: Cruz May Re-Enter Presidential Race: Here’s What You Need To Know

Breaking: Cruz May Re-Enter Presidential Race: Here’s What You Need To Know

Ted Cruz says he may re-enter the GOP Presidential race if wins Nebraska tonight.

According to The Hill:

Ted Cruz floated the possibility of restarting his presidential campaign if he wins Nebraska‚Äôs GOP primary on Tuesday and avoided saying whether he supports Donald Trump‘s bid for president.

Cruz, who suspended his White House run last week, said he does not expect to win Nebraska’s primary but is leaving the door open.

“We launched this campaign intending to win. The reason we suspended our campaign was that with the Indiana loss, I felt there was no path to victory,” he said Tuesday on conservative host Glenn Beck’s radio program.

“If that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly.”

Cruz demurred on supporting Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, because the Republican National Convention and general election are still months away.”



  1. I have lost respect since he has refused to support Trump after suspending his candidacy for President, while he stated that he would support the Republican candidate and plus the fact what he did to the Ben Carson campaign. Cruz is the kind of political act the voters are getting away from. When you can not be taken at your word, you are no longer a viable candidate.

    • Would you endorse a candidate who slimed your wife and your father? Senator Cruz is an honorable man who would not stoop so low as to support a despicable man as Trump. As for Carson, Carson made a mistake and tried to blame Cruz for his mistake.

      • Cruz super pac was the originator of wife attacks. I believe he knew. He certainly never apologized.
        Cruz was overly ambitious in regards to Carson. He should have confirmed before stating what he did.
        Cruz also, on a daily basis, lied about Trumps positions. The nickname “lyin’ Ted”, stuck because it was true, not because Trump said it.

    • That Ben Carson BS, is a lying Trump attack.This was a statement made in err by idiot Carson,VERY UN Tactfuly.Are u an Alinskyite Leftist trump Reform party Democrat?..,Total crap.u sound like a Garbage in Garbage out Trumpbot

      • Grow up ! The facts of what sleazy Cruz did. So, go blow your smoke somewhere else, where more people like you are UN-informed and like it that way.

  2. Cruz is the sleaziest politician that I have seen in the last 40 years. The Lyin Ted line is a compliment to this guy. He represents the exact kind of politician we want to get rid of in Washington…..a real con artist (wannabe).

  3. BOTTOM LINE! NONE of the GOP or Dem’s, have America’s back! NONE! Trump is the only one even talking about what “WE the PEOPLE” want done. Now maybe Trump’s words are just that, words, (lip service). But, we have no one else that is trying to turn this train wreck around. Our elected officials have kicked the can to the end of the road, and we are sitting ducks for their transgressions. ALL of this started with Nixon and Henry Kissinger with their DEAL with Saudi oil back in the seventies, and now the Sheikh is gone. Where to now? WE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT!!!!
    This is our country our forefathers fought and died for, and THIS what we have left to show for? By all means, don’t let me disturb your Angry Birds game , or your Instagram messages. IT IS ABOUT TO GET REAL PEOPLE, and you have no idea how REAL!!! MAN UP! This election is just a show. What’s going on the background is the real story. Media circus? SMOKESCREEN for what is about to be coming down the pike! ARM YOURSELVES and take care of that precious family.

    • Good for you. But Cruz lost. What exactly are you supporting? A failed presidential campaign? Gee, that sounds inspiring.


  4. Same thing he said about Indiana. When will he go away? Maybe he likes the tv time. He whines when trump gets more tv time.

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