Ben Carson Speaks Out On Search For Trump’s VP

Ben Carson Speaks Out On Search For Trump’s VP

Carson, left, Trump, right

Dr. Ben Carson says Donald Trump won’t have any problems finding a nominee for Vice President.

According to reports:

“Ben Carson said Monday he and the other Donald Trump supporters leading the search for his running mate were not worried about a lack of candidates interested in being the the presumptive GOP nominee’s vice presidential pick.

Carson pushed back on the notion that Trump could have trouble finding high-quality people to staff his administration.

“There are plenty of very highly qualified people who would gladly do it,” Carson, a former 2016 hopeful himself, told CNN’s “OutFront with Erin Burnett.” “It’s not going to be a problem in the slightest.”

Carson and Trump have at times stepped on one another over the vice-presidential search, with the pair publicly disagreeing with whether a Democrat would be ruled out from serving as the Republican’s no. 2.”



  1. What Ben said when asked if trump would have a Democrat as VP is if he was. Then a perfect description of a concervative Republican. Pure sarcasm!
    Carson is a brilliant man. The media needs to think before they report then misinterpret what he says. It just makes them look ignorant.

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