Trump Just Made A HUGE Announcement About His VP Choice

Trump Just Made A HUGE Announcement About His VP Choice

Carson, left, Trump, right

Donald Trump is hinting at who he may pick for his Vice President: an ex-rival of the 2016 campaign…

Trump has assigned Dr. Ben Carson to lead the VP search committee.

According to The Hill:

“Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump says there’s a decent chance he picks a former rival in the presidential race to be his running mate.

Trump on Thursday told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that there’s “probably a 40 percent chance” he’ll pick someone who ran in the GOP primary.

“I’ve gotten to be friends with a lot of those people and I guess perhaps enemies with a couple,” he said. “I would said there’s a good 40 percent chance.”

Trump has begun the vetting process for his vice presidential pick, spurring what will likely be months of rumors and speculation about his eventual choice.”



  1. IF he is nominated and elected, he definitely needs someone who has knowledge of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Someone with Supreme Court experience would be a good idea, also.

  2. i never though about judge jeanine but thats a good choice i was also thinking herman cain i wish someone would look at him.

  3. Idk but I think he should try to nominate Ted Cruz and Judge Andrew Napolitano for the Supreme Court. Oh yeah!

  4. Would love to see Judge Jeanine and Ben Carson somewhere on his staff, not sure as Vice-President, as the Vice seems to have no power, and are tokens. Would much rather them actually in charge of something.

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