Trump Hits Cruz For Canadian Birth After Heidi Calls Him An “Immigrant”

Trump Hits Cruz For Canadian Birth After Heidi Calls Him An “Immigrant”

Donald Trump is reminding voters about Ted Cruz’s Canadian birth after Heidi Cruz called her husband an “immigrant.”

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Sunday reiterated his argument that rival Ted Cruz can’t be president because he wasn’t born in this country.

“He was born in Canada folks. He was born in Canada,” Trump said during a rally in Indiana on Sunday.

“No. 1, he can’t win, he’s got no path to win. And if he had a path to win, which he doesn’t, he has very few votes and he has very few delegates, but, I’ve been saying, he wasn’t born in this country.”

Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz, referred to her husband as an immigrant during an Indiana campaign stop on Saturday.

“Ted is an immigrant,” Heidi Cruz said. “He is Hispanic. We can unify this party.”

The Cruz campaign later said Heidi Cruz misspoke. She meant to call her husband the son of an immigrant.”



  1. Unfortunately Americans do not seem to care for rules and regulations.

    They elected that alien Obama twice.
    And he brought them nothing but trouble.

  2. Cruz may have been born in Canada (to a mother of American birth, thus qualifying him to be Presiudent), but T-RUMP was born an idiot in the State of Delusion. What a bloviating GASBAG.

    • wasn’t the mother that denounced the USA Citizenship and became Canadian the Father was not an American Citizen, check into it and find when did Cruz became a Citizen himself

  3. Trump should not have been allowed to run as a Republican. After rolling in the mud with Dems for 40yrs he believes he is the one to clean D.C. His donations to the Dems are very impressive especially to N.Y Dems who epitomize the lowest of N.Y. values(De Blasio Schumer Weiner Cuomo) some of whom are under investigation today. Look who Trump surrounds himself with: Gerald Rivera aka “Geraldo” Rivera who perpetrated a scam when he supposedlywas going to reveal Al Capone’s vault; Ann Coulterwho has become psychotic, Mike Tyson a serial rapist, Bobby Knight famous for outrageous temper tantrums& throwing chairs at players, Tom Brady involved in 2 cheating scandals, Chris Christie, who suffers from serious character flaws& Bridge Gate. Tell me who your friends are & I’ll tell you who you are& what you stand for This is not the leader I envision in the White House. Our Nation is in peril we need Cruz who will respect the Constitution,will respect our Founding principles & respect One Nation Under God.

    • All that aside.. Trump is like the bassterd stepchild PT Barnum and a pirate… Maybe a little Rue Paul mixed in..

      • Interesting how the inarticulate finally resort to foul images. They are from the gutter and as far as I am concerned they can stay there.

        • But it’s true.. Don’t focus on “the bassterd”.. IT is the legitimate term for the analogy.. Would you rather “parentally challenged”?

      • Rossi & GolfClub.
        If it’s filth you want to talk about the leaders in the mud department without any competition are Obama and Hillary Clinton and her faithful husband.

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