Heidi Cruz Calls Ted An Immigrant: Here’s How Trump Responded

Heidi Cruz Calls Ted An Immigrant: Here’s How Trump Responded

Donald Trump says Heidi Cruz is right about one thing, at least.

According to The Hill:

“Heidi Cruz referred to husband, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, as an immigrant during an Indiana campaign stop on Saturday, prompting the campaign to say she misspoke.

“Ted is an immigrant,” Heidi Cruz said. “He is Hispanic. We can unify this party.”

A Cruz aide later told the Washington Examiner that Heidi meant to call her husband the son of an immigrant.Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump was asked about the statement in an interview Sunday with Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera, who is Hispanic.

“It’s just so bad. Let me tell you. And I said, when I heard it, ‘That’s what I’ve been saying.” I assume she’s saying he’s an immigrant from Canada. Because you know he lived in Canada for the first four years of his life. Not an immigrant like I think she’s referring to,” Trump said. “She’s, I assume, referring to one of your areas of the world. Right, Geraldo?”



  1. She used the word “hispanic”. Using it to get the vote of the Mexican people legals/illegals. He don’t care about hispanics! He only cares about himself. He’s got one of those wives who thinks she’s gonna be another Michelle. She wants her hand in the pot. Cruz is no leader! He is a puppet for the GOP! You can see it. You can hear it when he speaks. He is a nobody!

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