Rumors SWIRL As Ted Cruz Touts “Major Announcement”

Rumors SWIRL As Ted Cruz Touts “Major Announcement”

Rumors are running wild about what Ted Cruz will say this afternoon.

According to Politico:

“Ted Cruz said that he will be making a “major announcement” at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, and proclaimed he will keep on fighting despite Donald Trump’s decisive wins on Tuesday night.

The Texas senator indicated it could be an announcement for a vice presidential pick, but he refused to reveal the exact subject while talking to reporters in Indianapolis.

“I would ask folks to come out. We will have a major announcement, a rally,” Cruz said.”



  1. Cruz has finally shown his true colors. He is a self centered putz and it’s no wonder no one can stand him in the Senate. It’s time for the GOP to recognize that the electorate is completely fed up. Trump may show his vulgar side but he can beat Hillary who has so much bad baggage that one doesn’t know where to start. Trump will wipe the streets with her and send her and her horny husband back into the sewers of DC out of which they operate. If we have to settle for the better of the worst then Donald is the one.

  2. Shouldn’t you get the nomination first before you select a VP? Frankly, both are losers! She went from the big stage to the baby table for the debates. Ted…………went from colluding with Kasich yesterday to Fiorina for VP. Interesting……..but I doubt anyone will change their mind on this one.

  3. His big announcement is Carly…another loser. He picked a female that is brash and sarcastic to fight Hillary. She answers for him, like she did when they asked Ted if he had 5 mistresses shown in the Enquirer. T ed was mum, and Carly blabbed some nonsense about it being Trumps fault. Cruz wants a woman for the woman vote, and a bigmouth to assault Hillary. She ran for senate in California, and lost. They didn’t want her either She sent jobs to China at HPP. Loser.

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