Tim Robbins Says Crooked Hillary Is Stealing The Election From Bernie

Tim Robbins Says Crooked Hillary Is Stealing The Election From Bernie

Actor Tim Robbins says Hillary Clinton is stealing the election from Bernie Sanders.

According to The Hill:

“Actor Tim Robbins is alleging the “election is being stolen” from Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

In a tweet Monday afternoon, the actor called out The New York Times and CNN, suggesting the media is tipping the scales in favor of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

The tweet included a chart purporting to compare exit polls to the actual election results.”



  1. Yes, Mr. Robbins, you are correct. The system is and has been rigged. In an ethically just America, Mrs. Clinton should & would’ve been indicted by now and by all accounts would not even be in the race to begin with. One of the Left’s very own highest of mystical high priests, Chris Hedges, has been saying at least as much for many years now.
    Now, in what is the most ironic aspect of this campaign for me is the simple fact that Donald Trump persists as the single candidate demonstrative of highest integrity from the beginning, one who consistently is what he says he is in direct relationship with the Press, the candidates and voters alike. Yet, he remains the one true outsider putting self and personal wealth all on the line in service to all Americans, period. The political elites tremor at the thought of Trump’s ability and focus of sound law, sound borders, justice and intelligibility in service to individual liberties.
    From Hedges 2010 book, The Death of the Liberal Class, to wit: “But the assault by the corporate state on the democratic state has claimed the liberal class as one of its victims. Corporate power forgot that the liberal class, when it functions, gives legitimacy to the power elite. And reducing the liberal class to courtiers or mandarins, who have nothing to offer but empty rhetoric, shuts off this safety valve and forces discontent to find other outlets that often end in violence. The inability of the liberal class to acknowledge that corporations have wrested power from the hands of citizens, that the Constitution and its guarantees of personal liberty have become irrelevant, and that the phrase consent of the governed is meaningless, has left it speaking and acting in ways that no longer correspond to reality. It has lent its voice to hollow acts of political theater, and the pretense that democratic debate and choice continue to exist.
    The liberal class refuses to recognize the obvious because it does not want to lose its comfortable and often well-paid perch.”
    Further, from Hedges’ Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle –
    “Inverted totalitarianism, unlike classical totalitarianism, does not revolve around a demagogue or charismatic leader. It finds expression in the anonymity of the Corporate State. It purports to cherish democracy, patriotism, and the Constitution while manipulating internal levers.”
    Wow. ‘Internal levers.’ Kind of sounds like the RNC, too, with the Colludicrous Crew of Cruz/Kasich collapsing under the fallacies of their peek-a-boo primary plans.

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