Trump Calls Cruz And Kasich “Desperate” After They Announce New Partnership

Trump Calls Cruz And Kasich “Desperate” After They Announce New Partnership

Donald Trump speaks at the Saginaw/Genesee County Lincoln Day in Michigan (Photo by DarKen Photography)

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump is calling his opponents “desperate” after they announced a plan to team up in a last-minute attempt to stop the real estate mogul from securing the nomination.

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trumpis calling a plan by Ted Cruz and John Kasich to join forces and split upcoming primaries a “horrible act of desperation.”

“It is sad that two grown politicians have to collude against one person who has only been a politician for ten months in order to try and stop that person from getting the Republican nomination,” Trump said in a statement early Monday after his GOP rivals telegraphed their strategies.

Kasich will clear a path for Cruz in next week’s Indiana primary, while the Texas senator will back down in two other states as part of a strategy to deny Trump the nomination.

Trump said Cruz is in “free fall” after a “total disaster” in New York.”



  1. I find myself being ashamed to be republican. I could never be a democrat. It seems it may be time to find a better party. I am so ashamed of the tactics being used against Mr.Trump. These 3 men supposedly belong to the same party. So WTF!

    • If you vore for Trump, YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT.. You just haven’t put 2 and 2 together yet. But campaigning and funding NY liberals who ran as democrats and voted obama/pelosi/reid is clealy a democrat. Either that or the worst kind of Rino the Planet has ever seen… These are just the facts.. They can be verified.. Easily.

  2. This is truly dirty politics–in my 101 years on earth I have never seen anything as devious–I believe you reap what you sow–hope Karma is not too long in catching up to them.

    • What karma? Fighting pelosi/obama/reid, gonna come back and bite them?
      Not with me, nor 70% of voters who actually appreciate it.. Thankful that they got what they were screaming for… Trump was nowhere to be found. Except campaigning for NY liberals supporting ob/pel/reid 100%.
      Can we calm down and look at facts.. look away from the dying circus that is trump, who’s current strategy is to attack conservatives and call the ‘system rigged” when grass roots offer their votes, and want them counted too?
      Congrats on the big 101….

  3. Cruz and Kasich just keep unveiling themselves for what they are. Establishment puppets. Does anybody believe this latest tactic was dreamed up by those two A-Holes? More than likely dreamed up by the Puppet Masters pulling their strings. It sure is an act of desperation and they all know this is coming to an end. They will not win and Trump will be the nominee.

    • How– I ask is going to the people, in their districts and asking for their VOTES, establishment? It is the best of grass roots. The very best.
      A system of arm flailing name calling en masse is not..

  4. If going to the districts and explaining your platform (especially when you have historical evidence) and asking the voters to support you is described as”desperate” by anyone.. they should be removed from the race by force.. If they are calling this “rigged” as trump is, he should be removed from the ballot.. But he can stay in and try to do the same for all I care…
    But if he says these votes shouldn’t count, he is un-ameriocan and dangerous..
    If arm flailing, mocking and face making of the system gets hin the win, goof got him. I will support him then.. But not before..
    If said candidate calls this “rigged”‘, and votes not for him should not be counted.. and anything else shouldn’t vote in the general… I call him a scumbag Rino (except the R is rather generous under these circumstance)…

  5. It’s okay Trump have always been a survivor and will continue to be plus I think that Ted and Kesick were they holding hands? they were too busy to notice they were being watched. it’s okay no one cares anyway it okay Ted Trump will still be the winner.

  6. Desperate? Yes. But if it works? Very smart. Could this be the beginnings of a Cruz/Kasich ticket to run if Trump doesn’t win the nomination on the first ballot?

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