Trump Holds HUGE Lead In Pennsylvania

Trump Holds HUGE Lead In Pennsylvania

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump has a major lead in Pennsylvania.

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump holds a 26-point lead over his closest competitor in Pennsylvania in a new poll that also shows Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton with a double-digit lead among Democrats.

Trump has the support of 48 percent of likely Republican primary voters in the Fox News poll released Sunday morning. Ohio Gov. John Kasich follows with 22 percent, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz trails with 20 percent.

Trump has a majority of men and voters without a college degree, pollsters noted.”



  1. As encouraging as this news sounds it is completely meaningless. There are only 3 or 4 delegates in the state who promise to vote for him. The rest are in the pocket of the RNC!

      • Yep that is exactly what it is. And it’s American Democracy being destroyed by some fat cats who don’t care a bit about what is right and wrong for our country. Imagine, in PA there are actually ELECTED officials like representatives, mayors, etc. who have openly sworn NOT to vote for what the people vote for. May seem impossible but check it out. It’s true. I’m not saying they won’t vote for Trump. They are saying they will vote for whom ever THEY want NOT who we want necessarily.

    • That is ok, the RNC will be history after the election in any matter if they sideline a nomination over the current runners…

      • Sounds like we are on the same page. Just want to remind you and everyone that come November and local primaries before that…. Any incumbent who is not following the will of the majority of their constituents MUST be replace. I mean that regardless of party or any other platform. It’s their ouster that matters not the quality of their replacement.

  2. Trump deserves the uneducated voters, as he, himself, is highly uneducated about what must be done to win an election. If he goes into the general election the same way he has in the primaries, he CANNOT WIN. Even if he changes tactics, he cannot win, because he has closed all the doors to winning in the primary elections. Cruz is the only possible Republican who can beat the Democrats.

        • smart folks don’t generally sit at government jobs for over 15 years with no accomplishments within the last 5 years.

          2012 – present ~ Senator, United States Senate
          2001-2003 ~ Director, Office of Policy Planning, Federal Trade Commission
          2000-2001 ~ Coordinator, Department of Justice, Bush-Cheney Transition Team
          1999-2000 ~ Domestic Policy Advisor, Bush Presidential Campaign

          TRUMP 2016

          • As a Senator, Cruz is only one of 100 in the group. There is little that he could have accomplished on his own. It seems that his leaders failed to support him when he opposed giving into the demands of the Obama crowd.

            Cruz did stand up to oppose Obamacare and other Obama initiatives, which were in violation of the Constitution. What did it get him?: The enmity of the entire Senate, with few exceptions. BUT HE WAS STILL RIGHT.

            So you may say that he did not accomplish anything; but, I say he accomplished much, by being there for us and opposing Obama’s wrongheaded policies, even if it embarrassed your friends McConnell and Boehner, as he did it.

          • 15 years Gerald, in Texas a borderless state with Mexico. Show me a speech or interview or anything, pre-2015 where Cruz is championing for a border wall or removal of illegal immigrants. 15 years… 5 years in the Senate… Texas and especially the area that Cruz represents has some of the largest illegal alien sanctuary cities in the US.

    • gerald just because a person does not have a degree does mean they are highly uneducated. From your post you would have us believe you are highly educated but you are what is called an educated fool since you appear not to know that more wisdom is gained from real life than from a book or lecture.
      TRUMP 2016

      • Edith: I do know that. But I also know that it is important to learn how to do a job before you agree to accept it, or you are doomed to failure. Because Trump has not acted Presidentially, he has cost himself the election. He cannot win over his eventual opponent, whoever that may be. Cruz is the only Republican capable of WINNING.

  3. Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. the utter most qualified and desired Economic, Managerial, Jobs Creating, Plans Negotiating and Task Mastering Genius on either side of the Stages!

    Raphael Edward Cruz is Canadian Born, Cuban Descent and has refused to file a Defamation Character lawsuit against The National Enquirers two page article with pictures of him having five illicit affairs exposing to all his infidelities. Not to mention The National Enquirers second printed two pager on him being exposed in DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s Black Book Phone List! Shame on you Tedster you little Canadian Cuban lover man! Whats Heidi and your kids have to say about you not filing a lawsuit against these so called Demon Liars????????

    This is why Teds “HASH TAG” has changed to “NO VOTES FOR LYING CHEATING TED”


    SO BE IT

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