Carson Defends Trump And Cruz Against Shady Establishment Tactics In Cleveland

Carson Defends Trump And Cruz Against Shady Establishment Tactics In Cleveland

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Dr. Ben Carson is speaking out against establishment Republicans who want to create problems in Cleveland.

According to The Hill:

“Ben Carson on Monday predicted “major” problems if either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz do not emerge as the Republican presidential nominee in a contested convention.

“If it’s not Sen. Cruz or Mr. Trump … you’re going to create so much friction,” Carson said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“And, of course, that’ll be a wonderful thing for the Democrats, there’s no question about that, they will absolutely love, they’ll be dancing in the street.”

He said the scenario would be a “disaster for the Republicans.”

Carson said he would support the nominee if the process is fair.

“If we end up with a contested convention and things work out in a different way and it seems fair, then of course you’re going to support whoever the nominee is,” Carson noted.”



  1. Ben Carson is in it for himself. He thinks if the field is limited to just Trump and Cruz, he’ll have a better chance of getting to cash in on his deal with Trump. I’m really disappointed in Ben Carson, and I can’t stand Donald Trump. I just really hope Cruz wins, he’s the best man for the job any way you look at it.

    • I don’t think that Carson is in this for himself. He is no longer running and really has nothing to lose. He only wants a fair selecting of the Republican Nominee.

      Now, I do like Cruz – But, there is one thing that bothers me greatly – Cruz is a lawyer and we have plenty of those, in D.C.. I don’t like what Cruz and/or his team have been doing during this campaign. The Iowa debacle and the Rubio video flap are simply not needed in running a campaign, in my opinion. Plus, it took Cruz too long to “fire” one of his team member, who was suppose to be part of the Iowa debacle, as well as the Rubio video flap, Rick Tyler.

      A President must lead to be effective during his administration. Cruz doesn’t sound like a leader, at this point, to me. Did Cruz select this campaign team? Or was the selection done by his Campaign Manager or Financial Backers? Either way, his judgement is in question.

      • I think Ben Carson was sorely disappointed that nobody wanted him. Then he saw great opportunity to ‘be somebody’ with Trump. He doesn’t want a ‘fair’ selection, he just wants Trump not to be ousted. If the GOP has any brains at all, they’ll oust Trump as quickly as they can. (Then Ben will have to try to jump on some other candidate’s coattails.)

        I don’t believe much of the mud they’re slinging at Ted Cruz, if any. And I sure don’t hold his being a lawyer against him. At the very least, it teaches one to think logically, at least as far as the law goes. I think Cruz was born with a very good mind and he’s worked hard to know all he knows now. He has run a brilliant compaign in every state.

        I just hope Cruz wins in Wisconsin tomorrow, so that there can be a contested convention and we can get rid of Trump. If Trump gets the nomination, it’s a sure thing the Dems will win in November. He’s already got a 75% unfavorable rating among all women and about a 69% unfavorable rating among all voters. And we know that Trump will just continue to stick his foot in his mouth every day until Nov. Do I really have to say he is not presidential material. He’s a moral low-life that was born w/o a brain.

        • After working many, many years in the Surgical Field, my distrust of lawyers is not good – Though I do like Cruz and I said that earlier.

          I wasn’t talking mud slinging, what I was saying is fact. If, he has run a brilliant campaign in every state – Why hasn’t he won the majority in every state? Yes, he has a good mind and is a brilliant lawyer, who happens to be a Constitutional Lawyer. I do admire that about him.

          The GOP wanted Jeb Bush to be their next nominee. We Republicans knew better and started to support others, like Trump, Cruz and Rubio. Trust me, this did NOT sit well with the Elites and Insiders in the GOP. Then, they went to support Rubio. That didn’t work out either.

          Now it is down to mainly Cruz and Trump. Cruz was never supported by the GOP in the beginning. Cruz is a thorn in the GOP side. Trump simply drives the GOP nuts! Kasich should give it up. He thinks he could win the nomination at a Contested or Brokered Convention. If, Kasich did win the nomination – the GOP will lose BIG time.

          • I agree with everything you said. And I’m growing to dislike Kasich more day by day. He’s got 21% in the polls for Wisconsin tomorrow and those votes could put Cruz well over 50%. So Cruz just has to keep fighting, and fighting some more.

            I think Cruz has had not such a good time of things just because Trump stepped in and sham-wowed a group of very overly-livid people. I can well understand the anger we all have over Obama and the RINO’s in Congress for so long…like you I lived with it every single day and of course I couldn’t do a thing about it. So yes, my anger was pretty intense. But I know a fool when I see one and Trump is it. But those that cannot calm down enough to see the reality of what Trump actually represents are after BLOOD. There’s no way to make them see the light. And Trump is taking advantage of them for his own advantage. He’s been around the block a time or two, you know. He’s the proverbial con-man, and as for morality or religion, he’s a fraud. I don’t think he’s really very conservative so I don’t think he can be trusted.

            I see Trump as more trouble than he’s worth, and worse. He knows nothing about the government, about what it takes to make immigration work, how to get the economy working for the middle class, etc, or how to ‘deal’ with very powerful foreign leaders, good and bad. He doesn’t do his homework and he doesn’t study up for the hard questions, or any questions really. He’s an idiot and I’m sick of hearing nothing from him but, “we’re winning by a lot, a lot, a lot”…”lyin Ted”, “everybody loves me” and “I’ve got investments in every state I happen to be in at the moment,” and oh yeah, “I just love this state!” Shallow and stupid. But well supported by the livid stupid ones among us.

            Now this is the truth. I could answer the questions better than Trump can and I know how to not be an idiot when asked questions I can’t answer at the moment. I would also act more serious and yes, presidential. While at the same time letting my audience know that I’m in it to turn things around and correct and the damage Obama and the RINO’s have done.

            If Cruz wins by enough tomorrow, this will probably go to a contested convention and the unbound delegates will get to have their say. I just hope they have had it ‘up to here’ with Trump by now.

  2. Trump is the only one with true leadership ability.. Cruz is a follower.. Everything Trump says.. eventually Cruz tries to copy..

    Trump is successful businessman.. deals in foreign policy every day. He can eliminate the national debt of 19 Trillion in 8 years.. Cruz will only add to it and wipe out America. Bring jobs back – Build the wall, get legal immigration (so they pay taxes etc) and we are not supporting 30 million undocumented illegals.. wow.. what that alone will do for the Seniors and Vets.. they can get care instead of them..

    With Cruz you lose – Triumph with Trump Someone not in it for the money..

    • That is actually the exact opposite case. Trump inherited millions Ted, through a genius IQ, hard work, excellent education and wisdom has the correct temperment and knowledge of policies, both domestic and abroad🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸He is a constitutionalist and has gone before The Supreme Court 9 times–and was victorious every time. This man will be the next Ronald Reagan. Praise God🙏🏻🙌🏻God Bless our country!!!!!

      • Please – There will never be a Ronald Reagan again. He was one of a kind. We Reaganites must know this and move on. I loved Reagan but, I knew he was one of a kind, when he was alive. He was not only my President, but, he was my California Governor and I voted for him, every time!

        The camera LOVED Reagan and his speaking voice was just about the best. This is not true of Cruz, the camera doesn’t particularly care for him and his voice can be very annoying. The same thing with Trump. The only other President that I can think of that was camera friendly and his voice was pretty good – John F. Kennedy. Now that man could also give a speech.

        Cruz knows nothing about Foreign Policy. He is on several Senatorial Sub-Committees but not the Intelligence Committee, where he would get some important foreign information, to understand Foreign Policy. Actually, no one has the proper knowledge for Presidential Foreign Policy, when they first become President. This is where it is imperative that excellent foreign policy persons are included on the Presidential staff.

        Yes, he does have good domestic background and that will be easier for him to expand his knowledge. As for Judicial background, his is excellent!!! He knows who is who as far as judges are concerned or at least he did.

        So there is good and questionable aspects of Cruz. My hope is that there is NOT a Brokered Convention.

        • I never liked Kennedy because he betrayed his wife, which extends to a betrayal of his children. All the Kennedy males were weak morally and nobody seemed to care because they ‘had money’. Same with Trump, who arose out of the sewer. And of course everybody loved Reagan because he was loyal to his family and just a good man.

          I agree about Cruz’s voice but I think he’s brilliant and would make a good president. I’m hoping either he wins enough delegates for the nomination or that we get a brokered convention.

          • Remember, in the 1960’s no one knew about JFK’s love affairs. The press at that time, kept quiet about those things, plus JFK was a Democrat. I watched Kennedy’s Inauguration and was flabbergasted when he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – Ask what you can do for your country.” His speech writer was brilliant, but, it was Kennedy’s delivery that made it famous.

            His brother Robert was a brilliant lawyer, like Cruz, and an excellent US Attorney General. However, I don’t think he would have made a good President. His voice and tone was harsh to the ears and he wasn’t camera friendly, either.

            (In today’s society, ever since the Kennedy-Nixon debate – It is important that our President is camera friendly, has a pleasant speaking voice and is as smart as possible. While I do NOT like Obummer, I will admit his presence in front of a camera is good and his voice is pleasant to hear. I just don’t listen to him because of all his lies.)

            I was watching live TV in Los Angeles when Robert was assassinated. I was beside myself. Two in one family, both assassinated??? Robert was not morally weak. He was faithful to Ethel and loved her. They were 2 halves of the same coin.

            Now, Ted was a spoiled brat, always was. He was the “baby” of nine. The only time I heard Ted give a good speech was at Robert’s funeral, when he gave the Eulogy. I couldn’t stop crying, it was that good.

            I want you to know, that I am enjoying our conversation. It is always good to converse with a good mind. :)

    • Trump has been a total failure in everything he’s done except for all his success in fraud. To even suggest that Cruz wants to be like him is laughable. Cruz is running a brilliant campaign while Trump spends all his time trying to pull his foot out of his big babbling nonsensical mouth.

      • I agree – Cruz is running is own campaign and not trying to mimic some else’s. Cruz is too smart for that trip.

        Trump hasn’t done well this past week or so. You are right – He has had major ‘foot in mouth’ disease!!!

        I am just praying that the GOP convention will not be a brokered or contested one – That will kill any chance of the Republicans winning the next Presidency. Brokered or contested conventions are usually not successful in winning the next election – That is what history has proven, anyways.

    • Trump’s best at running a divisive campaign. He’s sure succeeded at dividing the Republican party beyond repair. He’s not just divisive in the sense that he is personally abrasive, but even more important, in the sense that he’s the antithesis of most of what conservatism has been since Reagan. His abrasive behavior just adds to all the problems he faces.

      Trump’s national unfavorables (69% nationwide) means Hillary wins. And can you imagine how much worse Trump’s unfavorables are going to be before this is all over! Ha

  3. I don’t know if either Trump or Cruz would make a better leader. What I do know is both would be immeasurably better than Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s first act as President, if she wins, might have to be to pardon herself.

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