New Poll Says Trump More Popular Than Romney

New Poll Says Trump More Popular Than Romney

Romney, left, Trump, right

Looks like Donald Trump is more popular than Mitt Romney…

According to The Hill:

“Mitt Romney’s national favorability rating is even lower than Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s according to a new poll.

The 2012 GOP presidential nominee is viewed favorably by 23 percent of registered voters, according to the left-leaning Public Policy Polling survey released Thursday, while 65 percent view him unfavorably.

Trump is viewed favorably by 29 percent, while 63 percent hold an unfavorable view.

Romney denounced Trump during a major speech earlier this month, calling him a “fraud.” He’s since campaigned against the businessman.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) also faces stark numbers, with 37 percent of those polled approving of his handling of Speaker duties and 44 percent disapproving.”



  1. Trump better than Romney? That sure doesn’t say much for Trump now, does it? Romney ran a passionless presidential campaign,and lacked the courage/ smarts to take on a less than mediocre president.

  2. This does not surprise me, a rock has a higher favorability rating than the establishment.

    Mitt and the entire establishment need to let go….

  3. You bet Trump is better than Romney. The games they are playing to take Donald down are making me sick. After this I will change my party. Ashamed of the RNC and Karl Rove crew. America is supposed to be the land of the free! Let the American people decide who they want. The fact is, the RN does not want either Donald or Cruz. We the people are losing, face it! Losing to the DC elites!

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