WOW: Susan Sarandon May Back Trump Over Hillary

WOW: Susan Sarandon May Back Trump Over Hillary

Liberal actress Susan Sarandon may back Donald Trump if Bernie Sanders doesn’t beat Hillary.

According to The Hill:

“Actress and Bernie Sanders supporter Susan Sarandon said late Monday that she isn’t sure that she would vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump if the two front-runners face each other in the general election.

During an interview on MSNBC’s “All in with Chris Hayes,” Sarandon criticized the former secretary of State for stances that go against progressive ideals. She added that some Sanders supporters would have a hard time bringing themselves to vote for her in a general election.

“How about you personally?” Hayes asked.

“I don’t know. I’m gonna see what happens,” she responded.

“You know, some people feel that Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately. If he gets in, then things will really explode.”

Hayes then asked her if she thought that it would be dangerous to allow Trump to become president.

“If you think that it’s pragmatic to shore up the status quo right now, then you’re not in touch with the status quo,” she responded.”



  1. Sarandon thinks that Trump will advance the revolution more than Hillary, so she will put her stock in Trump. The reality is that there is scant difference between Trump and Hillary. Either of them will advance the revolution. It will be the end of the US, as we know it.

  2. One by one folks are seeking an excuse to support who they know is going to be the next president of the US Donald J Trump. In the end most people want to say they backed the winner which gives them 4 years of bragging rights.
    TRUMP 2016

  3. Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. Though all the media in length loves to spend much time pinning Mr. Trump up against the wall trying to make him look bad in some ridiculous way!

    Since the National Enquirer printed their two page article on Lying Ted Cruz’s Infidelity with five different women there is absolutely no media time at all pinning Ted Cruz up against the wall about it? Instead the media takes Cruz’s side of him saying Mr. Trump is most likely behind the article in which The Donald denies having any hand in!

    As of to date, Ted Cruz has not had his legal team file a Defamation of Character law suit? Ted Cruz has already vehemently claimed that the National Enquirer article was with any doubt, untrue and a disgrace! Okay Ted, you are a licensed attorney, where is the lawsuit against the National Enquirer Magazine to put these Devils in their place and prove to everyone you are the Holy Than Thou person you are always preaching to be?

    Not to mention any of the televised media pinning Ted against the wall for his biggest endorsement fan, Mitt Romney having his anti Trump PAC putting a nude photo of Mr. Trumps wife out into the social media for all to see. Instead the Media attacks Mr. Trump over and over for tweeting facial pictures of Ted’s wife and his wife next to each other with a pretty neutral title!

    Also not mention the unethical robo calls against Mr. Trump and vote for Ted Cruz instead in the South Carolina Primary?

    Also not to mention Ted Cruz’s Campaign Manager and Staffers committing voters fraud against Republican Incumbent Runner Ben Carson in the Iowa Primary. Yet, Ted Cruz in an recent televised interview said without any reservation he would fire his Campaign Manager for what is being spun in the media about Mr. Trumps Campaign Manager for only doing his job but was set up for a false charge! But Mr. Cruz did not fire his Campaign manager or any Staffer for an unethical voters fraud in Iowa? This is why Cruz is genuinely labeled, LYING TED!

    The Powerful Liberal Media Moguls do not want Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Jr. to be the Republican Incumbent winner and have gone to the worse unethical lengths to interfere with his Campaign!

    The people will prevail at the polls and make this election about the people not the Liberal Media and Incumbent parties who have ruled and literally ruin this Nations Patriotism and Constitutional entitlements!


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