Trump Says Cruz Knew About Controversial Ad Attacking Melania

Trump Says Cruz Knew About Controversial Ad Attacking Melania

Donald Trump says fellow GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz was well aware of a controversial ad attacking his wife Melania.

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Sunday slammed rival Ted Cruz for the recent ad produced by an anti-Trump super-PAC featuring a photo of Trump’s wife posing nude.

“From what I hear, he and his campaign went out and bought the cover shoot. Melania did a cover story for ‘GQ,’ a very strong modeling picture. No big deal,” Trump said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“But it was a cover story for ‘GQ,’ a big magazine. And it was, you know, fine. And from what I hear, somebody bought the rights to it and he was the one or his campaign bought the rights and they gave it to the super-PAC.”

Trump said Cruz knew about the ad, adding he started the latest fight between the two. Last week, Trump threatened to “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife in response to the ad featuring Melania Trump. He then shared a tweet featuring a photo of his wife next to a photo of Cruz’s wife, stating, “A picture is worth a thousands words.”

Cruz has denied knowing anything about the ad, and called it deplorable on Sunday.”



  1. They are so unfair to the POOR LITTLE BILLIONAIRE who has cried VICTIM for 9 months now!! I can’t wait until he is elected and shows that EVEN 0 HAS BORE BALLS!!!

  2. Simple enough to say that Lying Ted Cruz is well behind in Delegates (280) and he knows if he doesn’t make some kind of super huge humongous upward move, its pretty much over capturing the Republican Incumbency! It is a fact that Lying Ted Cruz’s anti-Trump super-PAC supporters injected the nude photo from a 15 year old G.Q. model shoot of Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr’s wife Melania into the open Social Media. At this point how is Mr. Trump possibly guilty of anything but Lying Ted Cruz is not naked on the Media’s scorching high flamed grill? The same Hell Bent Grill that always seems to be ready for The Donald even if he sneezes?

    An exceptionally reasonable retaliating defense of his wife’s honor from Lying Ted’s Sneaky Sleazy Brand of Politics behind closed doors orchestrated by his personal anti Trump super-PAC ghouls! The Donald only forwarded a lackadaisical tweet featuring a facial photo of his wife next to a facial photo of Cruz’s wife, stating, “A picture is worth a thousands words.” How is this counter punch in any cruel comparison of that of his super-PAC’s evilized intentions to embarrassingly degrade Mr. Trumps Wife! In a ruthless demeanor casting a nude photo of her from an old G.Q. model shoot into the cannibalizing social media?

    Dirty low down tricks is all that is left for the Lying Teds Campaign obviously and clearly witnessed daily on any TV news channel! The mind set of Lying Ted Cruz is pretty simple, “I’m smarter than everyone including the media and they will buy my snake oil foolery if I just keep a straight face and sound like a street corner Preacher”! A typical common practice by a schmoozing insider politician using his best sheeple tackle of false promises and lies!

    The early morning Lying Ted snake oiling pep-talk message to his campaign crew including his super-PAC Reps is to jump The Donald from behind 24/7! A true definition of a Superfied failed campaign operating in desperation overdrive mode!


    SO BE IT

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