Trump tests the outer limits

Trump tests the outer limits

The Briefing, Vol. IV, Issue 13-

This week:

  • Sanders can close the pledged delegate gap; but by how much?
  • Probably doesn’t matter because Republicans are forfeiting the election
  • Wisconsin vote will be critical for GOP race

President 2016

Democrats: Bernie Sanders won caucuses by huge margins in Alaska, Washington State and Hawaii on Saturday. If not for Republicans’ determination to throw away this election, this might actually matter. As things stand, it doesn’t. Compared to the Republicans, Democrats are sure to come out of their primary with a more united party. That has never been more obvious than it became last week. But we get ahead of ourselves.

So far in this race, Hillary Clinton has built a fairly large delegate lead — a larger one than Barack Obama ever had against her in 2008 — by running up large margins in Southern states. This the result of Democrats’ heavy reliance on black votes. In the South, where black voters seldom decide statewide elections,  have voted for her almost unanimously. But this has not been true of Northern black voters, who split their votes more evenly. This is how Sanders managed to win in Michigan and nearly pulled off upsets in Missouri and Illinois.

Here’s one way of looking at the results, with “The South” comprising the eleven states of the old Confederacy — Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, both Carolinas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia:

The South

Clinton: 5,077,395

Sanders: 2,461,992


Outside the South*

Clinton: 3,886,259

Sanders: 3,989,208

Clinton’s lead in the South is also exaggerated by the fact that none of its states use caucuses, in contrast to northern states. Still, the good news for Sanders is that the South has completely finished voting now. He can look forward to more wins and a closure of the delegate gap. The lopsided victories this weekend included a 62-point margin in Alaska and a 45-point margin in Washington.

The bad news is that it almost certainly won’t be enough for him to close the gap all the way. But if Sanders were to make up gap in pledged delegates — it currently stands at less than 300 — it would be very controversial to have Superdelegates throw the nomination to Clinton.

If the Republicans weren’t basically forfeiting the election by flirting with Donald Trump, it might even matter. But it probably won’t.

Our reading of the Democratic race so far is that Northern and especially white Democrats are not at all thrilled about Clinton as the nominee. She remains a weak candidate and one that should have been beaten this year. But she is now the favorite to be the next president. Democrats will unite behind her in the fall, and women will support her in especially large numbers if Trump becomes her opponent.


Republicans: After this week, it’s 1,237 delegates or bust for Trump. Let us explain.

Trump’s supporters have seemed bewildered up to now that such large numbers of Republicans say they simply won’t vote for him in the fall if he’s nominated. Last week, Trump took a few more crucial steps to make sure the party cannot unite behind him. In fact, he gave every Republican who views him as a liability a perfectly legitimate excuse to drop him “like a hot rock” when the general election season comes around.

Before the last round of elections, John Kasich and Marco Rubio had already walked back their promise to support the GOP nominee if it ended up being Trump. Ted Cruz, however, had unequivocally maintained that he would back the nominee no matter what. That ended when Trump attacked his wife on social media last week without provocation.

This all began with a $300 (yes, that’s three-hundred dollars) online ad buy by a SuperPAC that has been around for months and genuinely has nothing to do with Cruz. A raunchy photograph that Trump sold to GQ of his then-girlfriend, now wife, was used online to discourage presumably dozens of Utah voters not to support him.

Trump, his son, and his campaign circle have made a conscious choice to use this as an excuse to launch the ugliest attack so far in a very ugly election season. Trump began with a tweet hinting that he would go after her onetime problems with depression. He then disparaged Heidi Cruz’s looks on Twitter.

At this stage, a normal Republican candidate who had won as many states and delegates as Trump would be working hard to unify the party behind him. He is clearly doing the opposite. (Ditto for his not-very-subtle attempt to fan the flames of an unsubstantiated scandal story published by one of his close friends.) Trump is dis-unifying a party which, in theory, he needs unified if he is to have any chance in November. If he is trying to make more Republicans turn to a third-party option in the event that he wins the nomination, he is doing a good job.

Exit polls from the March 15 states suggested that a large majority of non-Trump voters — 61 percent — will consider a third-party vote if Trump is nominee. As a share of the entire GOP voter base,the exact number was 43 percent in the key swing states of Ohio and Missouri, and 39 percent in North Carolina. If even half that many don’t vote for him, that’s already game over for Trump in November. And he is taking steps right now to make that number grow, not shrink.

In terms of the upcoming primaries, will Trump get away with this attack? The answer might well be yes, given his history of such unprovoked offenses. But it’s hard to say. Trump is already wearing thin with women in general, but this seems more likely to cost him the general election than the primary. Even so, it is worthy of note that before any of this happened, 47 percent of Republican women were already telling pollsters they will not vote for Trump if he is the nominee.

One real consequence, though, is that Cruz, who responded by calling Trump “a sniveling coward,” is no longer promising to support Trump in November and probably cannot do so without losing all of his dignity. It also means there will be no Cruz-Trump deal of any kind, if that was ever on the cards in the first place.

It might also result in further problems for Trump’s already astronomical unfavorable ratings, which far outstrip both Clinton’s and Cruz’s.


Poll Trump Clinton Cruz
Fox News 65% 58% 53%
Bloomberg 68% 53% 55%
Quinnipiac 61% 56% 47%
CNN/ORC 67% 56% 54%
Monmouth 60% 51% 43%
CBS/NYT 57% 52% Not published


The idea that Clinton is a weak nominee — one to which we continue to subscribe — matters only if Republicans don’t nominate someone even weaker. In other words, that assumption is out the window if Trump becomes the GOP nominee.

No one with numbers like Trump’s above can win a general election. It’s simply impossible to consider. In no way do his primary victories up to now provide any consolation on this score. Trump has won 37 percent of the GOP primary vote so far, and that is no indication that he would be competitive in a general election.

Trump’s current head-to-head polling shows him far behind Clinton (in contrast to both John Kasich and Ted Cruz). Although these polls are obviously very early, they can be viewed as more reliable than usual given his 100% name identification. As we have previously noted of Clinton, Trump has no upside, no opportunity to introduce himself to voters who haven’t heard of him or know little about him. In a race against someone else very unpopular, like Clinton, voters are more likely to gravitate toward her as the lesser of two evils.

With negative ratings this high, Republicans have nothing to lose by depriving Trump of the nomination, even if it causes significant rancor within GOP ranks. With the election probably lost already, the choice in that event would be between a dignified loss that keeps the House in GOP hands and a total rout that gives Democrats a free hand to pass the next Obamacare.

But as for “1,237 or bust,” there’s one more important data point that has nothing to do with weighing public opinion or making projections for the future. Cruz and Kasich are simply out-hustling him in the states where he already won.

What does this mean? Well, even though delegates are “pledged” on the first (and maybe even the second or even the third) ballot at convention, they are chosen in many states through other processes. Cruz and Kasich have been on the ball in making sure that “Trump” delegates from states like South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana are really their supporters, ready to abandon Trump as soon as they become unpledged.

Cruz especially has worked to get his own “in pectore” Trump delegates elected to the convention’s rules committee, which — provided Trump doesn’t get a majority — could make sure the rules don’t help him seal the deal.

Trump supporters might view this as an attempt to steal the nomination. But if Trump gets a majority, he will have the nomination, and he simply isn’t entitled to it if he doesn’t get the majority. The important point is that he’s unlikely to last beyond a first ballot, so he needs to get that majority before the convention.

This is the price of being a candidate and running a campaign that is unacceptable to such a large number of rank-and-file Republicans.

Upcoming races: Gov. Scott Walker has announced his intention to endorse Cruz after Easter. For once, a gubernatorial endorsement could actually help a Republican in this race. Cruz already leads in Wisconsin, according to two different polls taken recently ahead of the April 5 contest.

(Incidentally, the strong turnout seen in GOP primary races up to now could help Walker’s appointee to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Rebecca Bradley, who will be on the ballot the same day against a liberal challenger. Were Bradley to win, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court would be set up with a 5-2 conservative majority.)

The presidential race in Wisconsin will be critical. It is another “winner-take-most” contest, except even more so than Illinois. The statewide winner gets 18 at-large delegates, plus three for each of the eight congressional districts he wins.

In theory, Trump could split the opposition, but in this case he appears to be getting the short end of the contest. If the Republicans who oppose him unite behind Cruz instead of splitting their votes between him and Kasich, Trump could be completely shut out in Wisconsin. More likely, he comes away with a few delegates.

Wisconsin will be an important test of Cruz’s data-focused campaign and its ability to find votes in the right places where it meant he could pick up a delegate or (in this case) three. If Trump loses Wisconsin, anti-Trump Republicans’ hopes remain alive. If he pulls out a win in Wisconsin, there’s probably no stopping him.

* Note on the Democratic vote chart: The total for Iowa’s precinct caucuses is excluded here — based on information provided by the state Democratic Party, it is unclear how many caucusgoers voted for each candidate, or even whether Sanders didn’t get more than Clinton. However, this would not make a substantial difference in the total.)




  1. You must be an ABT. Cruz had multiple opportunities to condemn the SuperPAC’s posting of Trump’s wife and failed to do so, which to me suggests some sort of tacit approval of it. I, as a woman, do not blame Trump for his retaliation. Cruz took this to a whole new level and I blame Cruz; no I could care less about Trump’s wife, because I do not have issues with seeing the human body. Being a doctor, I guess I’m used to it; moreover, I know that the photo is 16 years old and was originally in GQ magazine. Quit taking women to be a bunch of dingbats.

    • I agree, Cruz started this Trump only goes after people when they do it first but the media never explains that part of the problem

      • yeah, makes sense … cuz Trump is SO deep on the issues … and Cruz has done ALL his campaigns like this!!! (er, you realize you are being mocked, right?)

        Just sit down and try to figure out exactly who it is that has profited by the TERRIBLE way this whole campaign has gone on … who it is that THRIVES swimming in the pig swill … who it is that is BEST PALS with all the lowly characters and abides by the principals of character assassination.

        Now, if you want to get into some deep thought … tell me this, if you were Bill Clinton … and you were conspiring with your pal Donny to destroy the GOP from within so that the most despicable pig in the country would have an easy path at the White House … how EXACTLY would it be different from what Trump has done? Yeah … I know.

        Here’s something to get in your head … cuz it is going to happen … there is going to be this MASSIVE party … and the Belle of the Ball will be The Donald … and he will be grinning ear to ear, surrounded by his BFFs, Bill and PRESIDENT Hitlery Clint-stone.

          • Bingo.
            The Trump people must be taking stupid pills to think this guy is going to save America, wow. If you live in a world where Trump can save you, please come back to reality, that world does not exist.
            One other item, you are going to have to live with the rest of us after your Messiah is put down, and he will be, so easy on the scorched earth policy.

          • ahhhh, but demoncrapt numbers are WAY down … what does that tell you? the fix was in, hitlery could NOT lose the nomination … dim bulb debby had that arranged going in … so where oh where have all the demoncrapt (moles) gone??? Yeah … they are voting for the ONLY guy that Hitlery can CRUSH. They are NOT trump people on stupid pills … demoncrapts do not need pills to be stupid … they are moles trying to destroy the GOP grassroots in order to not only win the white house, but get back big portions of congress (or turn it over if they can piss off enough conservatives to sit home).

          • well maybe the dems have made it so bad already and destroyed this country under obama that we have hope that trump would only inprove our country he cant possibly do a worse job that has and is being gone to this country right now.and no we are not stupid but i can see how niave you are for sure

          • How’s this, if people do not get involved with oversight,and replacing these congressman that die in office….then what is going to change?
            Naive is thinking Hope and change works on the republican side.
            complaining directly to your rep is a lot better than biting your neighbors head off.

          • He can’t do it. The RNC Republicans can do it and they look determined to get it done. Ever since this election cycle started, the RNC has been on a mission to destroy Trump. What they don’t realize, is that they are destroying themselves. They are more than willing to give up the Presidency and hold the Congress. They never counted on the enormous number of new voters Trump has attracted. When they stick it to Trump, all these new voters will go against the RNC and the Democrats will win everything.

          • they were NOT on a mission to destroy Trump … NOBODY took him seriously. they were greasing the pads to allow Bushee or some other RINO to slide past warring conservatives … say 3 or more conservatives splitting about 60% of the vote and then their guy winning with 30-40%. so YES, the RINO establishment ultimately laid the ground work for the path that Trump is exploiting with a MINORITY of GOP voters. Remember that Schlickmeister is a master scumbag … he put Pee-rot in play to take out an incumbent president … and I think it is quite possible he saw this opening and is working with his buddy Donnie to COMPLETELY obliterate the grassroots groundswell that could have literally dusted the demoncrapts in EVERY part of this election, Whitehouse and Congress (again). Now the grassroots is literally fragged with all kinds of buffoons calling Ted Cruz a RINO/establishment while ignoring all the Trump sponsored leftists in both parties.

            Oh, don’t believe for a minute that Trump is “attracting” anybody … his negatives are obscene. Demoncrapt votes are WAY DOWN … meaning that hard left Hitlery voters are crossing over to pick the WEAKEST republican that they can.

      • Then why are the American women so dumb and buy into Rosie O’Donnell’s big mouth attack. Then you had Megan Kelly’s attack with “gotcha” questions. It was supposed to be a debate of policies.

      • Cruz did not start this. If you know ANYTHING, you know that the PACs are independent from the candidates. And in no way did Cruz have anything to do with Trump’s wife’s pictures. And Trump knows that too. But it was Trump’s good friend who put out the National Inquiror. And it is almost certain that since Trump refused to even say a tiny bit against the attack on Heidi that he is just being Trump; and attacking through his good friend.
        Folks, this is what you get with Trump.

          • And that is a NONE answer, designed to nullify me without any proof, valid logic or fact. So I am more lucid and more conservative than you are. And since you are a Trump supporter this is the best ANY of you SUCKERS has ever done to defend your “precious”. LOL

    • Right On! It’s about time women saw that they are being used by liberals and so called Republicans. Women can think for themselves and make their own opinions. I am sure that there are men who do not like what this primary has devolved to. I blame Cruz and the Republican establishment as much if not more than Trump. They have spent 100’s of millions trying to rip Trump and marginalize him. Then they wonder duh! He has horrible negatives. I guess so, you have spent a fortune seeding those negatives. I give the American people who see through the charade by the establishment while getting behind one candidate after another. So what does this make Cruz third… no fourth string. How desperate can they get. It’s time that those who love America, men and women, to ask yourself do these establishment types love this country or are they just trying to preserve their place at the feeding trough that has become the federal government. Time to do away with career politicians. Get your hands off out of our pockets!

    • No tacit approval. Where do you come from. He knows that Trump is in control of everything that happens. And you should know that too.
      YOu admit that you blame Cruz and it is obvious that the only reason could be is because you already are against Cruz and in favor of Trump.
      Now let us see your hypocrisy and tell us how you admire Trump and his many marriages and his bragging about seducing married women but will shred Cruz for false stories about his supposed affairs.
      The hypocrisy of the Trump-ets.

    • How do you justify how Trump has treated Megyn Kelly, described Carly Fiorena and
      the multiple misogynous statements and acts attributed to him? You must have very
      tough skin not to be effected by Trump’s immature behavior and speech. He claims to
      be extraordinarily smart, but time after time his inarticulate speech and adolescent
      vocabulary give him away. Trump is not a smart man.

  2. Do you people *really* believe that ad put out by the Super PAC had nothing to do with Cruz? Seriously??? This is March and the election isn’t until November. All these blowhards saying they won’t get behind Trump in November will take one look at Hillary, hold their nose, and pull the Trump lever just like the commoners have done with the establishment candidates for decades. Suck it up, oh elite ones. This time it’s your turn to eat the pile that you’re being fed by the voters instead of the other way around.

    • yeah, WE all got it wrong, not the lying, obnoxious ass you idolize. Try asking some simple questions … why exactly would Cruz want anything to do with it??? TRUMP wants Cruz to have something to do with it … TRUMP is the one dodging the one-on-one debates he claimed he wanted (yeah, right … I guess ol’ Newt got in Donnie’s ear and told him that Cruz would mop the floor with him) … TRUMP is the one with the history of VILE, SCUMMY attacks against his opponents … YOU think that is his best quality … right??? How scummy and muddy he can get??? Cruz WANTS to focus on the issues, TRUMP does not … so who is the one that is orchestrating this fiasco? (hint … see who is bff with Pecker over at Enquirer)

      ARE WE TALKING ISSUES RIGHT NOW? Who is the one who is in first place BECAUSE there has been NO focus on REAL issues so far?

      • I’m assuming Cruz had nothing to do with the Ben Carson premature dropout announcement, either? Cruz doesn’t have the greatest track record where looking out for the American worker is concerned. If he did, why would he support the TPP and an *increase* in the number of H1B visas to this country? Why would he be for giving illegals citizenship instead of booting them out of the country? Talk about scummy.

        If your boy was the conservative wunderkind that you think he is, how did he garner the support of Lindsey Graham and some of the other RINOs? Not to mention Glenn Beck making him out to be the second coming god-king of the Republican party and savior to all conservatives. Cruz acts like he’s been drinking out of that punch bowl and is actually starting to believe it.

        And how are you going to react if Ted *has* been banging everyone but his wife? Go have your meltdown and just deal with the fact that Trump is not a politician and will probably do better by this country than any one of the clowns the GOP has given us in years past.

        • He got Graham’s support because he is the only one in a position to stop Trump and Trump is such an unbelievably bad choice that Graham would prefer Cruz over him. It’s not that complicated (to non-Trump supporters).

          • Graham is more of a Democrat than Trump! OF COURSE Graham wants to back Cruz. No, Graham, Romney, you and the rest of the people clamoring for the establishment can hold your nose and pull the lever. You’ll either vote for Trump or, by not voting for Trump, you’ll be voting for Hillary. Isn’t that what we’ve heard for decades as well? A non-vote for the Republican is a vote for the Democrat? How does it feel to be on the opposite side of the lever? Sucks to be you and every other non-Trump supporter. Hope your party falls apart just like the Dems.

          • Now I’ll probably vote for Hillary because I can’t imagine being on the same side as you.

          • If you’re defending Graham, you’re already a Hillary voter. Nothing of value was lost.

          • A vote for Trump now is a vote for Hitlery … and you can bet your ass that Donald Trump will be the Belle of the Ball when Hitlery is celebrating her inauguration in the (soon to be renamed) Whore House … cause THAT is what Donald and Bill were scheming to do before donnie SUDDENLY became a republican.

        • wtf is wrong with you Dumpsters? You think you can just pull that Carson lie out of your ass and it actually applies? listen, they completely documented that Cruz’s guy THAT HAS SINCE BEEN FIRED did NOTHING more than tweet a link to the CNN story … he added NOTHING. You pukes have been lying about it ever since. Before you comment … try this one … tell me ONE PERSON that they have found that change his vote as a result??? Yeah, NOT ONE … that’s because NOBODY even knew about the stupid tweet.

          WOW … you have brought up more legitimate points than Trump has … congratulations … too bad YOUR hero refuses to actually debate on the issues, it would be nice to see them go head to head and watch Cruz DESTROY The Donald … cuz Donald has the INFLAMMATORY points down but if you push him on substance … the conservative VISION that actually drives the convictions … he crashes and burns. THAT is why Cruz has done a 180 on the H1Bs … cuz we NOW know that the entire program is complete crap and a fraud … but hey, I would pound the living hell out of him AS A SUPPORTER, which is reasonable because HIS PRINCIPALS are solid … not to be wheeled and dealed.

          Re: Lindsey … I’ll explain that when you explain how Donnie is the love child of the KKK. Don’t be an idiot … Lindsey will do or say anything he has to to get on TV … you idiots are REALLY going to try to create an association after that pathetic statement … “well, Kasich is the right guy, but I’m endorsing Ted” … what a friggin flake. Anyway … I thought you Dumpsters were telling us all about how Donnie was going to pull together everybody … so now that people are coalescing behind Ted, that somehow changes Cruz??? LMAO … Ted has been Ted for his entire life … its why he’s a GREAT Senator and will be a GREAT president. Donald is whatever he decided this week … and you have NO CLUE what the hell he will do next week … and you know DAMN well that despite what you clowns project on him … he’s going to do whatever the hell he wants (and that has been left wing the VAST majority of his life).

          • You never did explain Ted’s support for the TPP and amnesty and such. I mean, wasn’t Ted the one who went to the border to give soccer balls and dolls away to the kids crossing the border? Great senator… You’re out of your mind. He’s fighting against the will of the people just like the rest of them. He’s just singing a different song while doing it.

          • Cruz’s gut response was to support open trade among all nations ala Reagan … I am curious … do you understand the underlying principal of that? it is a point of debate, but the CONSERVATIVE constitutional perspective is to have as much free and open trade as you possibly can. The big government, totalitarian answer is trying to manipulate markets by governing masterminds ala Trump (what major manufacturing has he been involved in??? yeah, nothing … but of course being “good” at real estate makes him expert in EVERYTHING, right?)

            But I digress … when it became obvious that there was a lot of very bad things going on, including both Obama’s despicable act of treason to use this to diminish US sovereignty on both immigration and climate scam, and secret deals by the RINOs establishment (SPONSORED BY DONALD DUMPSTER) … Ted NOT ONLY changed the vote to a NO but openly called out the scumbag leader of his own party on the floor of the senate … You surely remember that YOUR false messiah CRITICIZED the Senator for DARING to defame Trump’s SPONSORED buddy, Obama’s bitch Mitch? And what exactly was the position by all the hard hard left liberals that YOUR establishment hero Trump been about???

            Here’s your problem, Rusty … everything you claim Senator Cruz did that was on the wrong side has been TENFOLD abused by the Donald in the HARD LEFT RADICALS he has sponsored PLUS criminal activities in his own establishments … bringing on TONS of illegals to profit on his operations, etc etc etc. Oh, right … he gets a pass because HE is one of the criminals ABUSING the system … right.

          • He gets a pass because he used the system legally the way it was set up. Cruz doesn’t get a pass because he’s the one who helped set up the system long before he got into office. Remember he worked for Bush? Yeah…

          • You are a zombie … I get it … no crime or evil by Donald will phase you. He’s a f*n demoncrapt, you idiot, been one all his life … and you are going to find out when Hitlery is president and Donald is the Belle of the Ball that you have been played like an abused girlfriend. He’s such an arrogant ass he is actually going to rub everybody’s noses in it, and he will be WORSHIPPED LIKE A GOD who gave the country over to the statist marxists. Donald’s taking out one of the STARS of the conservative grassroots … and miserable f* like you are the REASON WHY pols sell out to establishment liberals … cuz back stabbing traitors like you fall for this empty headed crap when a HARD LEFT, LIFETIME LIBERAL starts pitching ANYTHING.

            Also love seeing the morons (Trumpsters) think Donald would pick Cruz as a SCOTUS judge … uh, yeah, because EVERY position Donald has that he has spoken to has aligned with Ruth Bader, NOT Scalia … the LAST person on earth he is going to put on the high courts is a conservative constructionist.

          • wow you are pretty angry you should take something to help you get over all that anger inside before you end up having a stroke or something really you sound scary

          • I am PISSED because this POS, and his zombie supporters … has completely squandered EVERYTHING that we in the grassroots have built over the last 8 years. We SMASHED the demoncrapt majority in 2010, got kneecapped in 2012 by Rom-nothing, but then rebounded and got MASSIVE victories again in 2014, and bounced the RINOs but quick this time around … only to have this lying limousine liberal slide in to OBLITERATE everything. It could not have been scripted better by Slick Willy, and now I would say there is better than 50-50 chance the biggest political criminals in history will infest the WH.

          • Your logic won’t work. Just like the cultists who heard “hope and change” and believed Obama walked on water, the Trumpers are fully invested in their cult hero. They see Trump and they imagine that he will be what they wish and dream.

    • Not me, if Trump is the nominee, I’ll be going 3rd party, probably the Constitution party. I will never have to make excuses for voting for such a vile human being as Trump has proven himself to be.

      • there is that … but that is not the fight and frankly it is a ridiculous point … er, actually it is a rather childish threat. the FIGHT right now is to get Senator Cruz as the nominee … and you can take your vote into the booth with you in the general.

        • Say what? It’s simply a response to James’ assertion that the “never Trump” people are blowhards that will pull the lever for Trump if he gets the nomination. Certainly, I’d prefer he didn’t (and it’s looking more likely these days that he won’t), so I could vote for Cruz come November. But if Trump does get the nomination, he will never get my vote.

          • Like I said … STAY FOCUSED … the battle NOW is getting the ONLY Conservative left standing the nomination … all the other crap is distraction. I think Senator Cruz is making a mistake responding to too much of Donald’s putrid scandal mongering … need to get back to the campaign and selling the conservative message and let the obnoxious ass (and particularly the Hitlery people trolling these sites as Trumpsters) … blow their hot air into the wind.

  3. Cruz, being a politician will say and do anything to get elected, he’s owned by his donors and if he gets elected nothing will change, no one in Congress likes him.

    • His biggest donor is Goldman Saks. the bank Cruz’s wife is a senior executive. That means the bank owns Cruz and Cruz will have to do what the bank wants. Which is loosen the rules so the bank can rip off all the people.

  4. If you folks think that was a “Raunchy” Picture of Melania, then you have to research the Definition of ‘raunchy’ Why Cruz brought wives into the mix, I have no idea! And don’t give me that crap that it wasn’t him it was his PAC, most people will see through that ruze… ! It’s folks Like you and The Established Republicans, that don’t want their ‘cushey little ‘Apple Cart’ upset that will destroy the Party……exactly what the nation needs, and Trump is out to do!

    • lyin’ Ted
      Trump has brought in Independents, Dems and Republicans
      no matter what – this Campaign cycle has been Ugh
      Trump 2016 👍

  5. I believe that Donald’s original aim was to divide the Republican Party. Although I think he originally considered that it would have to be done with a 3rd party run, his unexpected success has given him an easier path. He has gone out of his way to attack every Republican, even ones he had no need to attack (Nicki Haley for one). It all goes back to that phone call from Bill Clinton last May. His attacks on Mexicans, Muslims, women, and anyone else is designed to reinforce the stereotype the left wants to paint on conservatives. I am not a Donald basher. I will vote for any nominee against Hillary. I keep waiting for Donald to put his positions into into a nicer tone…but it never comes.

  6. I think tracking back who bought the copyright on those photos from GQ magazine might go a long way to knowing who actually put that SuperPAC advertisement in place. IF it was someone in Ted Cruz’s organization he loses all credibility with women everywhere. Including possibly his own family.
    IF it was not, then Ted is as much a victim as Donald in all of this.
    I suggest the funding for said SuperPAC be investigated thoroughly.
    GQ magazine has also profited hugely from this photo and others like it.
    Ted is also struggling in other areas like illegally not posting the finance details from Goldman Sachs concerning his financing of his effort to become elected.
    I do not like the voting record Mr. Cruz has in the US Congress or the lack thereof concerning issues important to Christians. But I have a general opinion based on the Utah vote as to who Mormons would elect anyway. The last time it was a man who put thousands of people out of work to make his fortune. That really did not set up well with the voting public.
    So I am not really surprised that they would fall for this person being a candidate at all.
    I think Barnum said it best with “A fool being born every minute.” Only now it is more like one born every second.
    I suggest that both candidates have been set against one another for political purposes by a third party. Is that Democrat smoke I see here?
    I look to see who actually benefits from those two candidates fighting each other over a matter of the honor of their wives.
    Both candidates have not done honor to themselves in this matter.
    IF and WHEN Donald does get the nomination, I think he needs to seriously stop making stupid comments about anything. Rather get a professional team of people together that will put together a platform that will win the election. And then follow it up with a good team of smart people and follow what they tell him to do.
    I have led in a small pond before. I got re-elected numerous times by maintaining an honest approach to running things everyday. I got re-elected because I hired people that gave me a good name in that small pond. I treated people right no matter what side of the fence they were on. I did nothing to hurt the management of the paper I worked at because basically that is where our bread and butter wages came from.
    Donald, the wall is not a financially feasible way to solve the Mexican immigrant problem even if the Mexicans could be convinced to pay for it.
    Throwing all the Muslim people out of this country is not a feasible way to solve that problem either. Kasich is right about that one.
    Coming across as a radical Archie Bunker will get you popular in some circles and possibly enough to get the nomination. The support of everyday republicans maybe not so much.
    You have to maintain a good name no matter what. And that is not happening right now.
    I do root for you getting the number on the first nomination. I simply think you need to change enough to make you being a President digestible with the party you are running for.
    Without that, even if you win, you lose.

  7. Don Juvenile is not the great deal maker of which he boasts. In fact, I agree with Mona Charen’s last weeks well written article that Trump is unfit for the party nomination in which she gives example after example of his cruelty and emotional instability.

  8. Too bad it’s the GOP Establishment that is working hard to split the party and they are coming up with as many ways as they can to do. Whether it be a contested convention, relaxing the ballot rules requiring delegates to remain partial to their candidate and even changes to rule 40. There is talk of a third party candidate if Trump does earn the nomination, which would pretty much assure a HRC victory.

    Then the coup de grace of stupidity, the notion that some “establishment” morons have been throwing around, especially on twitter, is that they would actually vote for HRC over Trump. The whole notion of Trump being a Democrat disguised as a Republican is one thing, but to actually vote for HRC to preserve to the establishments control is completely ludicrous. Now that I have gotten that out of the way.

    The GOP has some work to do one way or the other. Our party has some serious identity issues currently. It’s not that we have abandoned our core values, because we haven’t. We are still the GOP. The Protectors of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The party of Common Sense and the party of Fiscal Responsibility. But we have incorporated a lot of blue collar values as well. We can’t keep saddling the middle class with the burden of lower class. The current health care system is a complete failure, but we need something to make sure everyone is taken care of. Our Military needs to be strengthened, their families need to be taken care of and our vets should never have to worry about caring for their wounds.

    There is a lot of penned up frustration at the ineptitude of our leaders and they all better realize they have been put on notice. Whether Cruz or Trump is the Nominee, sorry Kasich, at this point it really doesn’t matter. I have my preference, however, GOP, hear me and hear me well. Keep you muddy grubby stinkin fingers out of the decision we, the voters, make. We, the voters, already know we are going to have to go through a healing process one way or another. Which I have faith we will get through. One thing I’m not sure of is if the GOP will recover if it tries to make that decision for us.

    I’m not just speaking to you as a supporter of one candidate. I’m talking to you as a Conservative!

    • Maybe they are thinking about the long game when considering HRC. If Trump gets elected, he may so tarnish the Republican party and conservatism, that the Democrats could dominate for several election cycles. But, if they vote for HRC, maybe the Republicans make gains on the next mid-terms, keep her in check, and then elect a true conservative in four years. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, but I think that’s the thought process.

      • Who’s to say? We have seen how deadlocked Washington can become when you put a person that is completely entrenched in their party like Obama is. It’s hard to get more Left then he is, just like it’s hard to get more Right then Cruz when considering who is left of the three Republican candidates? I don’t have a problem with that, but the Independent voters may?

        If we do get stuck with a HRC, I’m just wondering what we will gain? She will in all likely just be a continuation of the policies from the last 7+ years. The reality is we risk losing more then we gain. There is still a vacant SCOTUS seat and that can be deadly on many levels.

        I don’t know. There are too many unknowns at this point and maybe I’m just speculating. I’m just confused by a lot of the thought processes by our parties leaders at this point.

    • i agree there will be trouble like they have never seen in this country if they even try to interferr any more, the american people are doing to talking now and the gop better well sit up and listen ..

  9. Establishment will try to stop Trump any way they can.

    Objective is another bank bailout for shale oil lenders and a war on Iran for contracts and Israel. Only Trump is in the way.

  10. I would think by now that most people would see exactly what TRUMP is: A POMPOUS ASS! Can anyone see him in the White House? REALLY? But that will never happen because if he somehow wins the Republican nomination half the Republican Party will NOT vote for him in the general election! READ the above article! It’s all right there before your eyes folks!
    But theres much more to this: Trump as the Republican nominee also drags down Republican Senate races and The democrats take over the Senate! Maybe even the House! But are you Trump voters smart enough to see that?
    WAKE UP!!!!

    • remember that a significant chunk of the Trumpsters are in fact Hitlery moles … remember how the polls are telling us that demoncrapt primaries are WAY down. The fix was in early for Hitlery … this was part of the grand scheme by the mindless dimwit that runs the DNC … and her voters are in the GOP picking the ONE person that Hitlery can defeat.

    • i am a trump supporter and yes he will win the white house and i think that the voters are all just waiting for a surprise attack come the election to make you liberal asses think that we wont vote for him you will see he will beat any dem and he will be our next president no matter what liberals or the establishment tries to do they wont succeed. so all you dopes can put that in your dam pipes and smoke it..

  11. A lot of Trump supporters are switching to Ted Cruz because of Ted’s new campaign slogan, “Make America Greater Than Trump Was Going To Make It.” A bunch more heard Ted say, “My brain is bigger than Trump’s,” and immediately switched to Ted.

  12. Trump will lose big time to Hillary. His negatives are far too high among REPUBLICANS, let alone Independents and Democrats. If he is the nominee, I will either cast my vote for the Constitution Party or vote for Hillary as the lesser of two evils. I will never vote for a man with his temperament and lack of knowledge on the issues that matter to our nation and to our world. I hate saying this because I’ve faithfully voted GOP since 1974, and was hoping we would nominate a real conservative this time to help get our nation back on track after eight long years in the wilderness of Obama’s liberal socialism.

    Indeed, if he is the nominee, I will be forced to change my registration to either Independent or the Constitution Party, as the GOP will no longer in any shape or form represent real conservatism and will have become “Democrat-lite”.

  13. Ok, has anybody but me thought that the destruction of the GOP has been Trump’s goal all along? Until he decided to run for President, Trump has always been a liberal. So I don’t trust him at all. He’s an egotistical, self centered JERK! He just happens to be saying what a lot of us have been thinking.

    • He is egotistical for sure and that is exactly what will make him a great President. He has money already and he needs to be a great President for his ego. What more would you want?

    • The Gop needs to go they dont work for the american people they help them selves to all our money and they dont do a dam thing to earn it we need to start over with all new fresh faces and out siders who will work for the american people not to line there greedy pockets i am sick of it trump for president

  14. This phony “conservative” Intel is the one dividing the Republican Party, Trump is increasing the numbers of Republican voters, like Reagan did. So-called Conservatives have let us down just bought off politicians, but Donald Trump will accomplish what Conservatives want accomplished.

  15. Trump is the only chance the country has! Cruz is to busy trying to be a lawyer and have girl friends. Besides we need our economy to grow and what does Cruz know about that? Hillary like a typical Clinton will be raking in money for herself. Sanders won’t be able to do anything he has promised because it would mean unsustainable taxes.

    • and he will surround himself with incredible people like Carl Icahn et al (sp)
      You don’t get to 9 Bil without knowing who is the best in every area

    • you are a very sick person … you have a scumbag, hard left limousine liberal masquerading in the GOP and destroying the party, and you echo his mindless crap??? Truth is, you are a f* Hitlery supporter, NOBODY believes Donnie wins … it should be obvious to EVERYBODY with an IQ above a postage stamp that Donnie was a Schlick Willy plant to destroy the conservative movement from within. Why don’t you look up Ross Pee-rot’s messages and maybe you will begin to figure out what Trump is all about … he’s not even original, you fool.

      Ben Carson was a psychopath and bungled operations … Rubio was “little marco” … and now Ted Cruz is a philandering establishment guy … I guess you are also such a dumb ass that you really believe Mexico will pay for a wall. Stupid does not begin to describe what a fool you are. No wonder people that run for office go to DC and “switch” … with scum traitors like you stabbing them in the back, why the hell would they want to fight?

      • ROFLMAO!!! Buddy, you need some help. I can’t do it but surly you have some friends someplace that recognize your problem.

        • wow … good comeback, v-rash … is that some kind of transmitted disease? tell you what … after you are done picking your sorry ass off the floor from the severe reality slap you just took, go ahead and try to find some point to refute, and give it your best shot. You can’t, of course, because all you have is the steady string of bald faced lies by this pathetic con artist. Like I said … I believe you are actually dumb enough to think that Donnie Dumpster’s joke about making Mexico pay for a wall is real … I do wonder what you will be doing when you see the video of Donnie triumphantly laying claim to his GREATEST VICTORY … destroying the GOP and helping his friend Hitlery win the White House … and how he will laugh his ass off that idiots like you bought his crap about Mexico paying for the wall … how he was not going to use it but it was so stupid, so outrageous that he just had to throw it in to make the fools he was pulling the con on look that much more foolish.

  16. I seriously doubt he wants to be elected President, He’s in to insure Hillary makes it.
    Would be funny to all but the country if he somehow is elected President, So much
    misplaced confidence has been placed on him, it almost reminds me of how Obama
    got elected. Can you imagine the buyer’s remorse if he actually did get elected. All
    these Conservative talking heads will have their hair on fire as they see him act on
    his liberal/progressive chore beliefs. But they will never have to worry about that as
    President Hillary will will fill their columns with ample material as the country is finally
    transformed into a backwater socialist State.

  17. On the other hand 39% of Republican voters could start a third party with their level of dissatisfaction of the establishment. The Whig Party did not support the verbose Abe Lincoln, so he bolted for the newly formed Republican Party. The rest is history and so was the Whig Party after 1861.

  18. If the weak kneed GOP would get behind Trump instead of trying to scuttle him he can win by a big margin. Its past time that the big donors and PACs were left out of the question the GOP would survive but not now the main we hope to push now is a Constitutional convention to get term limits in place along with some control of campaign finances and maybe a move to combine Conservatives of each party and the Liberals of each party to eliminate the GOP and Dem’s in favor of Liberals and Conservatives. There are lots more needed changes to bring leadership of the nation with more emphasis to States and local communities and away from the Fed. Suggestions for capping non elected agencies power to initiate and enforce legislation and requiring oversight by congress.

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