Trump May Win New York, DESTROY Dems White House Hopes

Trump May Win New York, DESTROY Dems White House Hopes

Donald Trump is well positioned to compete in New York, a win that would be a devastating blow to the Dems chances at winning the White House in 2016.

According to The Hill:

“New York has 29 Electoral College votes and is traditionally assumed to be an easy win for Democrats in the presidential race. The state hasn’t gone for a Republican since Ronald Reagan’s reelection bid in 1984, and President Obama won it in a landslide victory by nearly 30 points in 2012.

But Anthony Scaramucci, a Wall Street financier and establishment Republican donor, said Democrats shouldn’t take the state for granted.

“You can’t say he has no chance of winning New York,” Scaramucci told The Hill in a telephone interview this week. “You can’t underestimate his appeal in the blue-collar community… and he has a heat-seeking laser to find out your personal weaknesses. Whatever you were worried about in middle school, as a kid, and that you’ve carried on into adulthood, he knows what it is and he’ll bring it out.”

Wayne Root, a longtime radio personality and businessman who hails from New York, wrote in a column in the conservative media outlet The Blaze late last year that Trump can win the state.

“And if he does, Hillary’s goose is cooked,” Root said. “If the GOP wins New York, Democrats have no electoral path to the White House.”

Root said Trump would appeal to working class New Yorkers as well as minorities across New York City’s five boroughs.

“Trump is a New York hero in those working-class boroughs,” Root said.”



  1. Out of all of the candidate, Trump is the only one who has ever provided jobs for people that weren’t paid for by the government. Politicians are great at spending our money. Let’s let a non-politician have the reins for once. And for you people feeling the Bern- Sanders is a politician and one of the worst in more ways than one.

  2. Get a grip, New York is going democratic no matter what, Wow, the ignorance is astounding.
    You would have to have over 20% of the entire party vote for Trump in New York, the author is sniffing glue provided for him by the Trump people.
    Check this guys bank account once, there probably is a nice lump sum deposit there from Donnie and his boys.

    A Republican win New York…..oh my

  3. You got it here first folks – Trump will win New York – New York voters if nothing else, have common sense – they were burned by Senator Clinton, are embarrassed by Senator Schumer, and by their mayor.

  4. I’ve backed Trump from day one, But…… Unless he stops with these playground word games he is going to lose me. I think many others also.
    Time to start acting like an adult Donald. You had better start showing the character that is expected from someone in a top position or you’re on your way out.
    I find it very difficult to believe you became successful acting the way you’re acting in this campaign.

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