Shock Reports Say GOP Elite Would Rather Lose With Cruz Than Win...

Shock Reports Say GOP Elite Would Rather Lose With Cruz Than Win With Trump

Reports say GOP elites are rallying around Ted Cruz and would rather lose with him as the nominee than win with Donald Trump.

According to Politico:

“Republican elders, desperate to stop Donald Trump, are increasingly convinced they would rather forfeit the White House than hand their party to the divisive Manhattan billionaire.

That’s why the party’s establishment is suddenly rallying behind Ted Cruz, a man they’ve long despised and who has little chance, in the view of many GOP veterans, of defeating Hillary Clinton on Election Day.

“People think we lose with Cruz, but we don’t lose everything,” said the operative, who opposes Trump and asked to speak anonymously. “He’s still a real Republican. We don’t lose the House and Senate with Cruz. We don’t lose our soul as a party and we can recover in four years and I’m not sure people think we can recover from Donald Trump.”

Said one high-level operative inside the Koch network: “He’s the devil you know.”

Indeed, many establishment Republicans would rather lose with Cruz and play a long 2020 game than risk having their party and conservative principles hijacked by Trump—a candidate they do not trust even as they recognize his political dexterity and the possibility that he could be just cagey enough to win on Election Day.”



  1. you fools the devil is in the white house already and its not trump you moronic idiots your all just afraid of loosing your jobs if trump wins and you should be afraid you should all be very afraid, you dimwitted assholes

  2. Speaking anonymously is being an outright coward! If you truly believe what you say then come out and say it like a person with courage. Chickenshit! The only reason you don’t want him is because he will make you work for the money you steal from the people!

  3. I was not a supporter of Trump but I despise the GOP “elite”. Who gives a crap what they want? They should be interested is what their constituency wants, as they should have been all along. Now we are pissed and want the GOP elites to ESAD yet they still turn a deaf ear to what we want, AGAIN. If they try to offer up a candidate that is not of the people’s choosing, I’ll be staying home and watching the whole GOP party go swirly down the toilet, as they deserve.

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