Cruz Says His Wife Isn’t Scared Of Trump

Cruz Says His Wife Isn’t Scared Of Trump

The feud between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz continues to heat up…

According to The Hill:

Ted Cruz condemned Donald Trump for threatening to disclose unspecified information about his wife as he dismissed the GOP front-runner as a bully.

“She is used to dealing with bullies. Donald Trump doesn’t scare Heidi remotely,” Cruz told reporters in New York Wednesday, according to reports.

The Texas senator added that he believes Trump is looking to change the subject from his loss Tuesday night in Utah, as well as his controversial comments about reducing the amount America spends to boost NATO.

The controversy centers on advertisements released by an anti-Trump super-PAC, which targeted Utah Mormons. The ad showed a nude photo of Trump’s wife, Melania, from a cover shoot with GQ Magazine, telling voters that she could be the first lady if they don’t vote for Cruz.

That prompted Trump to threaten on Twitter to “spill the beans” about Cruz’s wife, with no further explanation. Cruz tweeted back bashing the threat, but he doubled down during the press appearance.”



  1. If Ted were a real man, he would have denounced the photos his folks released. But, he is no gentleman, he wanted all the votes he could get because Trump is trouncing him. He is running scared.

  2. Someone already released a police report on Teds wife. I think they should make a Gentlemen’s agreement and leave family out of the equation.

  3. Cruz is not held to the same standards as trump is;. if this had been trump the media the liberals and ted Cruz would be hollering to the top of there lungs for trump to denounce a photo like this;; Cruz knew about this photo of trumps wife going up he will do anything to get a vote

  4. jack • 2 days ago

    Cruz is one of the most dishonest people i have ever listen to;; He takes trumps talking points and turns them around to make it look like trump said something bad;; and never completing trumps actual speech leaving out crucial words;;’. I would never vote for this hypocrite

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  5. Cruz has become a real “Dick.” His people attacked Trump’s wife and he expected no push back. Cruz will never become president.

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