Cruz Blasts Trump Over Debate Withdrawal

Cruz Blasts Trump Over Debate Withdrawal

Ted Cruz blasted GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump recently after Trump said he’s had enough debates.

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz¬†slammed front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday for skipping the GOP debate scheduled for next week.

“His excuse is silliness and it reflects his assumption that he thinks the voters can’t figure out that he’s not telling them the truth,” Cruz said on “The Kelly File” on Fox Wednesday night.

Trump announced Wednesday he would not show up to the Fox debate scheduled for Monday in Salt Lake City because he was scheduled to give a “major speech” at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference. He also said there had been “enough debates.”
“I thought the last debate on CNN was the last debate, that was going to be it. Nobody told me there were going to be more debates,” Trump said.”


  1. Hey Cruz 14 debates is ridiculous especially when all you do is take pot shots at Trump. Debates were created to let people know where the candidates stand on the issues which is something that can be accomplished in 4 debates spread out over a 8 month period during the primaries. We all know you met with Jeb Bush and other republican establishment A-holes to plot Trumps defeat which in turn means you sold out to the establishment so go pound shit. I once saw you as a VP candidate for Trump but all I see now is establishment garbage. You and Rubio are both sell outs to the establishment and are now what we consider to be a part of the problem in Washington and not the solution.

    • “We all know you met with Jeb Bush and other republican establishment A-holes to plot Trumps defeat…” And HOW do YOU know that? Please tell us ….

  2. I see Ted joins Senator Warren on bitching about Trump. So happy to see them together in the same effort to take down Trump. Sad Ted but you are done. So we have a fake Indian and a fake conservative on the same mission. Sad at best.

  3. ha ha.. Bunch of rabid idiots that are acting just like the leftist idiots we are trying to beat. Trump is a con artist and the fact he won’t debate 1 on 1 with Cruz proves it. I have now changed from not voting at all if he’s the nominee to voting for the lying witch on the other side just to keep this wussy from following the present wussy. Pathetic.

    • Well, since you have professed that you are in fact a Hillary supporter we already know you are a brain dead imbecile. Truth is Cruz is an Establishment Rino puppet just like all the other GOP insiders. He tried to sell us the line of b/s that he was an outsider, but his true colors begin to show quite clearly when he parrots the same talking points as establishment Democrats.

      • I see, so I’m brain dead because I will not vote for someone who is more brain dead than myself.. Also appears the lack of intelligence his tribe possess about the difference between insider and outsider and the complete lack of substance about issues, parrots the zombies who slobber all over Obama and Hillary. The few things he does go on record for favoring are almost complete sure disasters across the board. However, I can’t help that people cannot read a history book, or understand basic economic philosophy. Your points are the exact same hypocrisy you accuse me for, but yet, your parroting has a much harsher voice. You vote your conscious and I will vote mine and we will let the chips fall where they may. Doubt your candidate will make it out of the convention with the nomination and thank God for once in the history of the GOP they might just f¬•~## up perfect.

        • Look, you are the one who said you will vote for Hillary. Are you so brain dead you do not know what you wrote? Apparently the answer is yes.

  4. Scary part is that these idiotic ‘comments’ come from the proven results that “enbredding” (sp) is NOT ONLY rampant in the radical Jihadist sect..!!!!!!


  6. We have seen the candidates long enough to make a decision. The debates are nothing but stupid jabs at each other. Cruz is such a liar that it is a waste of time to listen to him.

  7. Ted Cruz is working extremely hard to becoming more disliked even than Hillary Clinton….His staccato voice and his eerie smile gives him away big time….Megyn and Ted deserve each other as they are both slimy ambulance chaser type lawyers that will do or say anything to promote their agenda…….Cruz knows that he can’t eliminate the IRS nor stop Obama Care without the help of both the senate and the house. The fact that he only has one friend, the senator Lee from Utah who is almost as wacky as himself, in the entire senate how does he expect to get any of his agenda passed…..Trump 2016

  8. Ted Cruz is the only hope that we keep our Constitutional liberties, close the borders and regain American sovereignty from the UN. He will also turn our economy around and get the US out of debt.

  9. Remember lying Ted what you say to and about the Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr.! He is already 262 Delegates ahead of you in the Republican incumbency race! You also may want keep in mind that the Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad is seeking Consequential Retribution for your campaigns voter fraud incident throwing Ben Carson under the Bus! This could cost you your 8 Delegates in Iowa directly affecting any continued worthy credibility finishing your run! Just think lying Ted, this will put The Donald up to 674 Delegates to your now true Delegate count of 403. A sweet 271 Delegate lead for The Donald! AMEN Brother!

    Maybe you should consider your time best spent on how to keep John Kasich from taking second now that little marco has jumped ship! After taking all 66 Delegates for winning his State Ohio he now sports 143 delegates to your now 403 when punished for your voting fraud incident. That is only a 260 Delegate lead that can quickly diminish when the Ohio State Governor chug a lugs into second in all of the up coming Primaries!

    You may want to start packing and wrapping your Hobo Blanket and Stick before walking the plank before jumping ship to join hips with Carly at the Ghetto Bar and Grills!

    SO BE IT

  10. Wow. Reading some of the comments from people.

    To those who think Sen. Cruz is part of the Establishment, if that was so why did they not support him from the start? Even now when they said they will support him wants Sen. Cruz to apologize for calling them out both on the congressional floor and in public who went against their agenda.

    Why do you think Trump won’t do any debates now when he said he’d loooooove to debate Cruz 1-on-1? Could it be he was not serious or could show how much better Cruz would be at the job than Trump? Something to think about.

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