Controversy Ensues After Student Sent Home For Confederate Flag Shirt

Controversy Ensues After Student Sent Home For Confederate Flag Shirt

The controversy over the Confederate Flag won’t be going away anytime soon, and a high school student in Michigan is the latest person to face backlash…

According to reports:

“A student at Caledonia High School was outraged when he was told to change his shirt, which showed the Confederate battle flag, or go home Wednesday morning.

Donovan Stokes, a junior, said he was approached by the high school principal about his shirt.

“I wore everything as proper. This is just a shirt; it’s the rebel flag. It was bullying. They were bullying me to take off my shirt and I did not have to go home. They cannot send me home. That is losing my education,” said Stokes.

His mother, Jolene Stokes, said she was contacted by the school at around 8 a.m.

“The principal gave me two options and I requested a letter asking why he had to take the shirt off,” she said.

The letter stated “because of what that flag is used to symbolize by others, we feel it could contribute to a hostile environment for many of our students.”



  1. This Confederate Flag issue has gone to far. The South Seceded and fought a rebellion. They lost, but it is still part of American history. You can’t erase history, though many would like too. Only 1% of Southerners held slaves. Some slave holders were Black. Whites were slaves as indentured servants. The Confederate Battle flag is part of our history, monuments to Southern soldiers are appropriate. Time to start living in the 21st century and improve your life with all the benefits provided by this country.

    • Old Glory and and the 27 other flags in our history are lol part of our heritage. Why is the confederate flag so special, tell me?

  2. Confederate Soldiers are considered US Veterans, But most people don’t know that. It is part of the US history. There is nothing wrong with that flag. Haters will always hate.

    • Very true. As part of Reconstruction, so long as they took the “Oath of Loyalty” to the U.S., all status was restored, including legitimate veteran status. And 1861-1885 was the era where actual veteran benefits began.

    • There’s nothing wrong with the confederate flag as there is nothing wrong with “Old Glory” another flag in our history and heritage. It just seem for whatever reason the people who claim that the confederate flag is part of their heritage dont appreciate old glory in the same revered respect. It begs to question what is it that make this difference so poignant Could it be that it refers to an evil period in our history? Could it be that it seems to generate an uneasy feeling among a group of people to the delight of others? I’m sure that that is the reason for it being the only flag in American Hostory that receives at least a 70% display while the current flag is displayed. Yes it is a part of our heritage, albeit an awful one. That’s why it shouldn’t receive as much publicity. It’s akin to me having my guests spend time visiting in my restroom instead of my family or game room My restroom is part of my house/heritage Why spend time sitting in the family room when we can spend time in the rest room? Nothing is wrong with that. Remember that the bathroom is part of my house/heritage

  3. There are number of issues with the Confederate Flag, if the school want to avoid the issues then they need a dress code …. I have a lot of issues with the way students dress today, when I was a high school student we could only have a plain light color shirt, and blue/black, brown/tan, plain pants for boys. No Jeans! ….. If it come to banning what might offend someone, I think the students would have to be nude …. No, than might offend someone …. In the interest of not offending anyone, all students will have to remain home and communicate via a iPod.

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